Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Hi friends! Happy New Year to each of you! Man, has this holiday season flown right by or what!? We had a blast up in the mountains for Christmas & I was sad to leave. We enjoyed the hot tub daily as well as the yummy food and fantastic company! I have included some photos too...It was fun to see AJ react to Santa & ALL the goodies he brought. Oh, to be two again. Everything is so new & exciting! And he loved getting in the hot tub with all of the grown-ups. I guess being the oldest really has its perks :) Next time we're all together for Christmas these three (AJ Natalie & Jr) will be even more grown and we will probably have some additions too.

...Anyways, with the new year approaching in just a few short hours, I think back to the wonderful year I've had. My family has grown with a brother-in-law, another nephew, a first neice and my ADORABLE puppy Gustopher (Gus for short)! My sister moved in with me to mom & dads and we've been having a blast with our doggies that are BFF! Through work, I have seen so many new places and met so many new people. Work is going well, and I am really learning to adjust to this 'real' world. I can only hope that 2008 brings even more exciting times & adventures.

All the best to you & your family this new year! ...enjoy the pics below!

Gaitlanburg Aquarium on Christmas Eve

AJ in his skating gear on Christmas...he is too cute!!

Welcome Natalie Faith!

Baby Jr on his first Halloween

Tim & I got to visit San Francisco on one of my work trips!

My best friend Sara married her high school sweetheart in March...what a FUN weekend!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Sisters!

Today is the 22nd birthday of two amazing women....MY LITTLE SISTERS! They are getting so old!! It's hard to believe that after all of the fighting for attention, clothes, make-up, time on the video camera, and mom's beauty queen crown we are as close today as we've ever been. I am so blessed to have them as sisters, and even more so that I have them as my friends. They are beautiful inside and out. I hope you girls enjoy every minute of deserve a FaBuLoUs day!

With Ashley last year at her Bachelorette Party!!
With Buffalo at the Little Black Dress Party watching Mat Kearney!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What is BLOGGER anyways?

Ok, so I guess this throws me into the poser category. I am following several family members into this unknown world of BLOGGER. Summer started blogging after her sister did, Josh followed her, Ashley followed him, now I follow her...phew. Who will be next? If I had to guess it would be mom, maybe Buff. Now I just have to get some friends who would actually read my ramblings. Bear with me as I navigate through here & figure out what in the world I should be doing, or typing about. I will certainly be adding pictures soon...I mean, with a dog as cute as Guster, I HAVE to post pictures :) ...ok, I am bias.

I will get back on here later & figure more out. The funny part about this post is no one even knows I did it...if you found me, congratulations.