Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Musings

....in typical bulleted list form

  • I had a great conversation with my friend/colleague Molly last night. It was a conversation focused on her career and the opportunities we have been given with our company, and it certainly put me in a pondering mood when I got off of the phone. 50 years ago, women our age would not be doing what we do (in all fairness, a company like SportsMark wouldn't have been around, but still...). It is quite amazing that we (women/women's rights) have come so far over the course of history. Women are not only given the opportunity to hold the same jobs as men, but we're respected in our positions. No need to get on a soapbox about this, but I am so glad I have the same opportunity as men in my industry to be successful.
  • Speaking of job, I have some fun work-related news that I can't wait to share but I want to tell my girlfriends tonight at dinner before I post it on here **sorry, Beckster, if you're reading this you will find out tonight :) **
  • I could talk for a long time about the health care situation, but I will control myself [as best I can] and link over to my brother's blog when he finishes his post about this. He is, in fact, a much more eloquent writer than I, and has intelligent points that are spoken with knowledge of facts, not emotions (for me its hard to cut emotions out of it). I did just read an article with a quote from Brian Gottstein, a spokesman for Republican Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli II, which I find to be very interesting, and one of the things I am frustrated about.... "Just by virtue of being a resident of the United States, never before in history have we been required to purchase something" I am all for helping people who need help, but it is a sad state of affairs when my country (land of the FREE) is mandating that I spend my money on what they deem important. Is that freedom?? ...and this is where I step off of my soapbox for a bit and move on to other subjects.
  • I only have 4 Saturdays left in my training for the Rock & Roll half marathon. WooHoo :) I am super excited to run 13.1 miles with four amazing women. It has been so much fun training with them, and I can't wait to cross this goal off of my list :) I keep thinking I should have a time goal, but then I change my mind & remind myself that (at least for my first 1/2) I just want to finish the darn thing!
  • My dear friend Sara & her hubby Seth are about to have their first baby & I am so thrilled!!! Selfishly I want her to deliver a week early or three days late, so I can be there to see her & the new baby, but that's not up to me ;) They did not find out what they are having and I canNOT wait to know. I know the suspense is killing her (just because it's killing me...haha). Her nursery is so cute & I am hoping to stop by & visit this week. If I do, and with her permission, I will post some pictures. I love baby stuff :)
  • I want to go on a vacation this year...not a long weekend getaway, but an actual 'turn off my blackberry & enjoy myself' vacation. Will it happen? Who knows, but I certainly hope so! As a side note, I would be happy with a weekend getaway...anyone want to join me?!
Long-winded much? I need a life...where is the middle of April when you need it?!

xoxo, c

Thursday, March 18, 2010

back home...just for a day...

view from my run Saturday.....love this :)))
Yummy Cuppy Cakes from a cute shop in San Francisco....
celebrating my co-worker Jenn's birthday.
Pictures below are from before we went to Jenn's for bday dinner.
Molly & Camilla
Camilla & myself
With my lovely hostess Molly :)

....once again I did not visit some particular landmarks that I have wanted to see in SanFran, but I was out there for work, so that had to remain my top priority. Speaking of work, someone asked me today if I still love what I do. I answered with an honest 'yes' and then started thinking about how blessed I am to truly love what I do. I decided in high school I wanted to be in Sports Marketing. I did not go to a big fancy school (Hoot, Hoot, go fighting owls) to get my degree in Sports Marketing, but I was in the right place at the right time & knew the right people (I will always swear that it's WHO you know more so than WHAT you know) and landed an internship with SportsMark. Now here I am over four years later and I am in the minority when I can honestly say I love what I do (and what I actually went to school for to boot!). I guess when Dad told me many years ago that if I love what I do I will never feel like I am 'working', I was really listening. These days (of March Madness) are a perfect example of what my dad said. I am working crazy hours and flying all sorts of places, but I am enjoying it, and not dreading what is ahead. I am proud of what I do every day :)

....now if only I could get to the end of this month faster.....


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Land of the Golden Gate

I arrived in San Francisco just a bit ago, and I am getting some work done from my friend/co-workers apartment while she is still at work. I will go into the office tomorrow, but when you sit on a plane all day, going straight to the office isn't always the best idea. I would feel the need to shower, and change, etc....anywho, I digressed. I am staying with Molly (pictured on the left next to me in the picture below) and she has an amazing apartment in the city. Don't believe me? Well, that picture above is from her roof. Yes, it's awesome! I will be here until Sunday when I move to a hotel closer to the office, and then in a hotel near the airport so I won't miss my early flight next Wednesday when I will sit once more on a long Delta flight across the country. Until then I will run by the water & under the bridge, eat too much food (CA food is yummmmy!), enjoy my work friends that I never get to see, and work. Work a lot. Did I mention working? I am ok with the working though, because even when I am stressed, I still love my job. That is what I am out here for, after all.
xoxo from SanFran

Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF, and another random list

So, it's Friday...here I sit at my desk taking a little break to blog because I will most likely be working for the next 3 or 4 hours. Here are my random thoughts for today (in list form, of course)....

  • This week has included several complaints from people around the neighborhood...being President of the HOA is like being a referee sometimes (how did I get this position again?!).
  • I leave for San Francisco on Tuesday. I am so excited to see work friends and be in our main office...I will be eating lots of yummy food out there & run under the Golden Gate Bridge!
  • Speaking of running, tomorrow is a 6-miler. OH Man, my legs hurt already!
  • I have Pandora set to Chris Botti today, which means I have been listening to killer elevator/house music all day long.
  • I still want to go see the movie Valentine's Day...did anyone see it & is it worth the money?
  • I went to the dentist for the first time in (gasp!) three and a half years this week. I know that sounds gross, but I brush regularly and I just didn't want to find a new dentist (my family dentist wasn't in my network). I was shocked to find out I was cavity free after all that time! I even made my next appointment in 6 months like a good girl. I'm getting back on track.
  • I found a recipe from my new Martha Stewart magazine that I can't wait to make & take to Nashville for my sister to try after the race....she will have earned this for sure (she gave up chocolate until our half)!!
  • I am putting out my spring/Easter decorations this weekend so I can enjoy them during the time I will be home before Easter. I will post some pictures if they turn out cute enough :)

....think that's it for now. Have a super weekend!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tracking Progress...And Other Fun Things

week four of training = week one of new shoes

Nothing like a little mud to get you going...these babies are going to see me through several miles in the coming eight (8....eeek!) weeks. Hard to believe its under eight weeks until I will be running my first half. This is a big goal for me, and I am happy to be working towards it :) ...and I might add it helps to be running alongside some pretty wonderful girls!!

Bobby came over Sunday afternoon & started to build me an herb waterfall, as I call it. I saw it in last month's Martha Stewart Living & knew that it would be the perfect addition to my back patio. Big props to BL for listening to me go on & on about making one, and he did it for me :) ...pictures are forthcoming. After he was done with that he made his amazing guacamole to take to my parents for our par-tay that evening.

Here is Grandaddy listening to our beautiful singing voices :)

Matthew (BFAM #1) celebrated his 27th birthday this month so here he is with some special boys helping him blow out all those candles!

Uncle Johnny didn't need much help but little Jr tried to help from his momma's arms!

...and in other news, I finally hung the letters I created for my kitchen. I love they way they turned out & I think they are a nice addition to an otherwise blank wall.

That wraps things up for now. I'm done eating lunch (yes, it's late but I had several calls to finish) so it's back to work. Happy Tuesday, and to many around here, Happy Snow Day :)