Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Confessions of a Working Momma {2}

Remember my last confession where I talked about finding balance?  Yeah, neither do I.  Turns out this is a daily battle I will fight for the better part of, well, forever.  Or, more like that kid in the Sandlot... Forrrrrrrrr. Evvvvvvvvvv. Errrrrrrrrr.  Seriously. 

Balance is a tricky thing.  Just ask Nik Wallenda...  

No, I did not watch his walk because it would have given me a heart attack

I am super impressed with his ability to hop on a two-inch wire and trust in God and in his God-given talents to get him across a 1,400 foot canyon.  SERIOUSLY.  That is over 4 football fields. On. A. Wire.  

"It took every bit of me to stay focused that entire time..." Wallenda said.

What a reminder to all of us who are walking a "wire" of our own.  No wonder I am falling off, I am not using every bit of me to stay focused.  I allow myself to get distracted, or worse yet, to convince myself that I can't ever stay on in the first place.  Walking through life takes focus, and being a working momma requires a lot of it.  At the end of the day however, it's really not about working, it's not about laundry, it's not about grocery shopping {and being the perfect couponer}, and it's not about having a good baby.  At the end of the day, it's about staying focused on the One who made me and bringing glory to HIS name alone.  Whew, that is freeing to say.  It's not about ME.  It will be a lot easier to walk my wire knowing I have a huge safety net of grace around me.  I am going to make mistakes, my balance is going to be off some days, but if I receive God's grace I will get right back up on that wire and continue moving forward towards the finish line.  In the end of it the end of my wire here on Earth...I just want to know that I did everything I could to do everything I do for His glory. 

On that note, it's time to go flip some laundry; this working momma has a few loads to catch up on.

Make it a great day, friends!!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Month SIX!

Wearing size 2 diapers and wearing a variety of brands.  Our favorites are Pampers, Huggies and Target brand. 

You're a small guy... still wearing mostly 3 month clothing. We've had to put you in 6 month jammies now, but they are big on you.  You're just starting to squirm around when you're being changed, making it a good adventure to get dressed!

Weighing in at 13lbs event and 25in long, you're staying pretty small for your age.  The "official" percentiles given have changed a bit in the weight department since last month: 2% weight, 10% height and 75% head.

You've just starting eat foods and you LOVE it!  We started you on rice cereal last week and now you've tried (and loved!) peas.  It's so fun to watch you learn things, like how to eat and how things taste. I am making your baby food so far, and it's proving to be an easy and cheaper process than purchasing jars from the store.  Also, you are so interested in watching people eat around you.  You'll often study them putting the food in their mouth and sometimes even reach for it yourself.

You are doing a great job of sitting up when supported.  Dr. Royal continues to tell us you have "incredible tone" and you're strength is great... You're great at standing up either in our laps or against something you can hold onto.  We are so proud of how well you're growing, even if you are a tiny guy ;)

Toys that you can chew on....ok, pretty much ANYTHING you can put in your mouth.  Cuddles, grabbing mouths (you are fascinated!), playing peek-a-boo & bath love bath time!! 

Your tummy still does not like the milk protein that momma gives you, so you're still on a no-dairy diet {which really means momma is on a no-dairy diet!}. 

You had your first trip to urgent care on your 6month birthday.  Poor baby, you were so congested and choking on any mucus you coughed up.  Luckily we caught the sinus and ear infection early :)


Friday, June 14, 2013

High Five for Friday {2}

{1} Weekend in Savannah without the baby...hard to be away, so thankful for time together.
{2} Feasting on Paula Deen's finest while in Savannah.  Yummmm :)
{3} A hard-working husband who loves me so well
{4} Mimi lovin' from my boy.  He loves her as much as I do...she is amazing!
{5} SeƱor Max.  Doesn't get much cuter than a tike with a 'stache.  Man, I love being this boy's momma!

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Happy Friday friends!! 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Blog?

It is safe to say I have forgotten how to blog.  No, I have not forgotten how to type out words and add pictures to text.  I have somehow forgotten how to create something that will be a creative outlet for me, and a fun way to document Max and our lives as he grows.  I have forgotten that this blog thing is fun.  I think at times I was doing it for the wrong reasons, and that got to me.  I wanted to be cool, have people read my posts and think I was funny, or creative or that my baby was cute.  He is, but I digress.  Over the last few weeks I have struggled with whether or not I should even continue this blog at all.  I hate to do something halfway, and this blog was being completed just that way...half way.  So, after a bit of internal soul searching, I have decided to come back, if you will.  I need this blog and truthfully miss my blog friends {although I still connect with many via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook}, and I miss documenting this crazy life I love so much.  Will I post everyday?  Doubtful.  Will all my posts be meaningful deep?  Way doubtful.  Will I look forward to sharing what's going on in hopes that it will make at least one person smile, or feel good, or be encouraged?  Absolutely.

A lot has happened since my last post.....


My baby is growing fast {but not fast enough according to the docs}...

He has found his toes, and boy are they yummy....

 Max is learning new things every week.  This is such a fun stage.  He is starting to mimic what you do, and sticking his tongue out seems to be a new favorite.  He is now eating rice cereal and should start veggies this weekend.  Crazy.  Where has time gone?  

Spring sprung.  Which, by Georgia's standards, meant summer was here fast, and it's hot and humid already...

I mean how cute is my Max bug in those swim trunks?! Too much.

So, here we go... more pictures to come, more stories to be told.  Welcome back to me :)