Monday, May 28, 2012

10 weeks

forgot to post this a few days to accompany updates soon :) 
How far along: 10 weeks, 3 days

How big is your baby: about the size of a lime

Total weight gain: lost 5lbs…needless to say I haven’t been feeling so hot, ergo, haven’t been eating much

Sex: at least 6 or 8 weeks until we know

Maternity clothes: not yet

Stretch marks: not yet & praying they don’t come my way

 Movement: none that I can feel, but we did see the little stinker wave on our ultrasound last week! Cutest. Wave. Ever.   

Sleep: I cannot get enough!!   As soon as my eyes are closed for more than 2 minutes, I am out!

Symptoms: nausea, exhaustion and crazy emotions.  My poor, poor husband!   

Best moment this week: our ultrasound on Friday.  I can’t get enough of seeing my little one!  

Food cravings: red meat, some more red meat, and some more red meat.  Oh, and watermelon.   

Food aversions: chicken…even typing the word makes my stomach flip!

Labor signs: too soon

Belly button in or out: in.

What I miss: not feeling nauseous every morning, and some afternoons, and many nights…

What I'm looking forward to: our babymoon coming upJ! It was planned as just a vacation, but after we became pregnant we figured it could serve as one, and it will certainly be a wonderful getaway with BL!  


Monday, May 21, 2012

1 minute 12 second

this was the post i stayed up late writing the night we found out there was a bambino on the way....
1 minute and 12 seconds.  That’s how quickly my life changed on April 11, 2012.  Most tests take 3 minutes…see the craziness of waiting that whole 3 minutes here…this time, it was 1 minute and 12 seconds before it was crystal clear:

We. Are. Pregnant.

I ran out of the bathroom to my sleeping husband (those who know him will laugh because this is so typical!), and screamed “Bobby! Bobby! BL! GET UP!”   The poor man, he jumped up in a hurry afraid there was a fire in the house.  Bless his heart. 

“We’re pregnant!  BL, we’re pregnant!!” 

He looked at me with an adorable crooked grin and said “Really? We are?!”  I showed him the test and immediately the tears started.  BL was so sweet and held me and we laughed and cried.  I said, “I hope it’s right…maybe I should test again” When you’re trying for a year and take negative test after negative test, you can’t help but be skeptical!  So just to be sure, I took another test (luckily I peed in a cup so I didn’t have to wait 2 hours to pee again), and the second test showed both lines in less than 1 minute.  

Bright. Pink. Lines!!

So here I sit, too excited to go to bed, yet so exhausted at the same time.  God is so good.  This is a miracle and something only our God is capable of.  Throughout the last year, as I struggled with infertility, one song always seemed to come into my life.  At my lowest moments, I would often turn on Pandora to get some worship music and I would hear “How Great is Our God” every single time!  There were several Sundays when I would sit in church and just want to scream I was so angry that we were unable to conceive, and when I was my most upset, they would always play this song.  I am telling you, the song came to me, over and over again, at just the right time.  I never told anyone until just this last Sunday when we were on our way to church.  We heard a little testimonial on the radio of an artist who had been struggling with infertility and the very next song was not surprisingly, “How Great is Our God” are you serious?  I looked at BL and said “this is our infertility song.  No matter what, we have to keep this attitude, we have to sing praises at the greatness of our God even when we struggle.”  BL was such a great support, we had a wonderful conversation about using our infertility to reach others and give God glory…all the while having no idea we had a little one growing inside already.  Oh my God, you are so good.  Your love and your mercies are never-ending.  Thank you for the blessing of a child, and I pray for the safety of our unborn child.  May You God, be glorified during this entire pregnancy, and for all the days of our child’s life.   

Holy smokes, we’re having a baby! 


Saturday, May 19, 2012

why i've been MIA...

...promise I will be updating again soon with many wonderful things to share...


Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Letters {2}


Friday evening, time to catch up with another round of Friday Letters with Adventures of Newlyweds! 

Dear Oreo Fudge Cream Cookies, why must you look so enticing on the commercial?!  I want some. Right. Now.  Dear Giuliana & Bill, thanks for being such an amazeballs couple.  Pretty sure I want to be best friends with you.  Dear Momma Mel, I forgot my camera is still in your purse.  Ergo, I can't post our adorable NYC pics.  Stay tuned, they will come soon!  Dear blog friends, I am thankful for you.  I wish we all lived closer together.  Dear weekend, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I really needed you to arrive about 4 days ago, but I'll welcome you with open arms today none-the-less. :)