Friday, November 1, 2013

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

Change is both good and tough.  My work for example, is full of change; each new event I coordinate is just that, NEW!  Changes every single time and I love it!  I want new challenges and adventures...ever changing experiences.   That is "work Chrissi".  Let's talk about "non-work Chrissi", perhaps we could even call her "real Chrissi".  Real Chrissi, she hates change. Why is Chrissi talking in third person?   Large shifts in the way my life is "supposed" to go can really throw me off mentally, emotionally and sometimes even physically.  If we have plans, I keep them.  Changing them will make me feel off balance.  It's strange I know; to want change and excitement but then to allow change to knock me into a new state of crazy is, well, stupid.

Anyways.  On to the changes.  Or really change.  One.  Many of my readers know this news already, but some may not....  My sister is moving to Austin, TX.  I realize you may be thinking, how is your sister moving really going to change your life? To that I would quickly answer: drastically.  You can hop over to her blog to read all of her updates and changes but I wanted to document it here too.  Our lives are about to change in a big way!  I am nervous, but I am excited for her!  This is a huge opportunity and I am so proud to watch her (and her hubs) trust in God's plan for their lives!  It's hard to say anything bad about it, really, because it is so wonderful!  However {gulp}, it's going to be one of the hardest things I have had to do...  Go to Texas in a few weeks, help them unload the boxes and get settled, and then get in the car and drive back home.  Back to Georgia.  Without them.

{excuse me while I go grab some more tissues}

Where were we?  Oh yes...change.

I am learning more and more this year that change is really a chance to cling to Jesus and renew your faith in His plan.  Being a momma is nothing short of fabulous, but it brings with it a LOT of change.  Schedule (big one for me!), money, friendships, marriage; it changes them all!   Walking by faith is the only way I will make it through!  I know God has a beautiful plan written out (hello, Romans 8:28), but it's not my plan.  It is HIS plan.  Just like this move with my sister; it's not mine (I would live with her forever in the same house if I could! Our husbands would die.); He planned it!  So my prayer for this new change is that our family would see it all as a blessing to be a part of God's work, and that we would be humbled he chose our sister/daughter/aunt/friend to walk in His will and bring more glory to Him.  It will be hard, we will cry and cry and cry and cry and cry, but we have phones, we have internet, we have week-long vacations to hang out, and on top of it all, we have a bond that miles can't separate.

Do you live away from family?  How do you do it?!

Make it a great day friends, and choose to trust in God's great plan!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Single Babies!

I have such a wonderful Father-in-law!  He watches Max while I work 4 or 5 days a week and really takes such great care of him!  Max loves his Papa and so do BL & I!  This week he created a baby version of "single ladies" .... Single Babies!  Thanks Daddy Lyons, you're awesome!

TGIF... SO excited about the weekend ahead!  Choose happiness and make it a great one, friends!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Bucket List & Remembering

Does anyone else L-O-V-E fall?  I love the colors, the food, the smells, the change in weather.  I just love fall!   Not too hot, not too cold; a great season!  Another thing I love...lists!  I love making lists and checking items off.  Except when I fail, but that is another story for another day.  The upcoming Fall holidays will be the first where Max will actually {kind of} enjoy...previous holidays he just slept right through!  Now he can scoot around a pumpkin patch and be mesmerized by the campfire {although not yet enjoying the best part, S'MORES!}.  I am so excited to share this fun season with our cutie!  So, combining my love for fall and my love for lists, I have decided we're going to have a fall bucket list this year!  It will be so much fun to cross these items off and enjoy the season as a family.  Any friends want to join us?

Lastly, on a far more serious note... I cried on the way in to work today listening to the news recaps from this day, 12 years ago.  What a tragedy.  I will never forget walking through the halls of our high school, in shock.  Sitting in my AP Gov class crying, not sure how to react to such evil.  Now 12 years later I still feel that shock, still hurt over such evil.  I will never forget how that day changed my life, and changed the country I live in.  I will also never forget the sacrifices made by many to keep us free and keep things like this from happening again.

 taken last year at the 9/11 memorial


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear 15-year-old Chrissi

Today is my 30th birthday.  The big 3-0, what a milestone!  In honor of this occasion, I have written a letter to myself, at the age of 15.  If only I had known what I know now...

Dear 15-year-old Chrissi,

Sweet girl, as I sit here today on your 30th birthday, there is so much I want to share.  So much I have learned over the last 15 years that I wish you would know.  Although I wouldn’t go back and change any of it, because it shaped who I am today, there are things which could have made life easier, and certainly saved some heartache.  

For starters, being popular doesn’t really matter.  Sure, it’s nice to be liked, but what is more important is how you treat people.  That girl in your math class with no friends, she needs you to sit with her at lunch more than you need to be at the cool table.  Go out of your way to be kind to others and show them the love God calls you to.  It may be hard to believe me now, but the “cool kids” don’t always stay the cool kids, and what is really important is how you treat the people who aren’t seemingly “cool”. 

Don’t stress over prom so much.  Enjoy yourself.  Have fun with your girlfriends and don’t worry about the boy who asks (or doesn’t ask) you.   Even though he may be wonderful, unless you’re like a few select friends, your prom date isn’t going make any bit of difference in your life.  Relax.  Dance the night away.  Have fun!

You’re making a lot of money babysitting…Save. It.   You don’t have to spend it all just because you have it.  Life is expensive as an adult, and you will wish you kept your savings account as a savings account and had more money when you get out of college. 

Your sisters are amazing.  Seriously, like the best friends you could ever imagine.  Stop picking on them, let them borrow whatever clothes they want, and good grief don’t kick them out of the car on the way to school.  These two will be your best girlfriends and you will regret how you treated them.  Enjoy every moment you have together, because when you grow up, you don’t get to live in the same house and share two or three meals together each day.  Savor this time. 

You may think right now that not having your first kiss when you turn 15 is the end of the world.  Trust me, it isn’t.  Save that kiss for someone who really matters, not a boy with whom you’ve “gone out” for three weeks.  You will barely remember his name in a few years; he does not matter, you matter.  Value yourself. 

You have no idea what love really is.  Sure, you know love from your parents, family and friends, but what you think is “love” between you and the guy you’ll soon be in a relationship with, is not.  Save your heart, don’t fall so fast, and like I said earlier, value yourself.  You are worth waiting for, worth fighting for and worth more than some boys will make you feel.  You are so special, and you need to remember that you matter.  You will meet your husband in about 10 years, and he will look nothing like you imagined.  He will love you like you never could have thought possible, and you will build a family more perfect that your wildest dreams could have planned.  Stop trying to write your own story and wait for the perfect one God is writing for you.    

Those parents who you think are “driving you nuts” right now are the best two people you could possibly know.  They are wiser and more thoughtful than you give them credit for.   These two are sacrificing a lot to make sure you have what you need, when you need it.  Hug them.  Thank them.  Show them respect.  Remember they are always, always, making decisions to better your life and not make it worse.   In a few years, you will regret the sour looks you give your mom and the doors you slammed in your dad’s face.  You really don’t need to listen to your music so loud (as dad says), and you should behave (just as mom told you).  You will be repeating Dad’s words of “happiness is a choice, choose happiness” nearly every day of your life.  Don’t roll your eyes.  These two are a gift, and you should value you them more!

Finally, you should remember that no matter what happens, life does get better… Tough times will come.  Tears will fall.  You may feel like the world is going to end, but alas, it will not.  You will smile more than you could hope, your reality will be better than your dreams and your life will be blessed beyond measure.  Take care of yourself and make those who come in contact with you see something different. 

With love,
30-year-old Chrissi   


Friday, August 9, 2013

the countdown is on....and why i failed.


fail·ure  n.
1. The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends: the failure of an experiment.
2. One that fails: a failure at one's career.
3. The condition or fact of being insufficient or falling short: a crop failure.

Do you remember this?  That is my 30 By 30 list that I have failed miserably at!  How is it less than one month before my big 3-0 and I have only crossed off 14 of them?!  Yikes.  That's less than 50% {yes I am that good at math}!

So where does this leave me?  Well, besides feeling like a failure, this leaves me with hope...I have so much fun stuff yet to do!  Maybe it should be 35 before 35?!  Or maybe I should just change it to a bucket list.  Who knows, I just wanted to admit publicly that I have failed at this task that I was ever-so-excited to begin.  Alas, such is life.  I think I underestimated how much time #6 would actually take up after I accomplished it. 

On another note, it's FRIDAY!  I am hopeful I will get a new phone today so I can take pictures again because apparently I forgot how to use a real camera. Now that is something to smile about.  Want something else to smile about?  Watch these... you'll thank me!

Until next time, make it a great day friends!


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

So What! If....
  • My son is tiny and everyone thinks he is 2 months younger than he is....tiny is adorable too! 
  • I got up, got ready then got back into bed to nurse Max this morning.  The weather was so yucky this morning when I let the pups out that it totally made me want to get cozy again! 
  • I could {and often do} watch videos of Max laughing way too many times a day.  He is just too cute!  
  • I ate KFC last night for dinner.'s been years...but that crispy fried mess was really yummy :)  
  • {nice follow-up to the KFC announcement} I am running a 5K this weekend and I am so not ready for it!  Good thing it's a Run or Dye race, because they are a lot more laid back & way less difficult! 
  • I want to play this commercial every Wednesday morning.  It's hilarious!

Make it a great day friends!! 


Monday, July 29, 2013

The Collective | Blog Hop

Welcome to the weekly blog hop party, THE Collective.
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"This GFC Collective Hop is seriously one of the best link ups out there! Through this hop I have found so many great blogs & friends that I wouldn't have otherwise found! Thank you so much for hosting such a fun link up! Please take the time to link up & join along! You won't be sorry that you did!"
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Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday {3}


It's finally Friday! 

This last week has been total vacation hangover!  We were gone all last week with my family at St. Simons Island and now back to reality this week.  Bleh.  Can't we just live at the beach forever?  Alas, real world called and back we went.  At least I have beautiful pictures to look back on.... 
 {1} Our crazy, HUGE family!!  Only missing one brother-in-law.  Yes, that is all my siblings and their kiddos with our parents.  I love it!!

{2} My bug, he is so sweet.  How did I live before him?  He is my heart.  

{3} Boys and their boys.  This is one of my brothers, who had a son just 30 hours before Max was the same hospital!  How fun is that?!  These two are going to be good buddies, just like their daddy's.
{4} This man.  He is so patient, forgiving, kind, and funny.  We have been through a lot....still in a lot....and I look forward to growing old with him and raising a few more kiddos.  Also glad he loves the beach as much as I do, otherwise we'd be in trouble!

{5} I'm sorry...does it get much cuter?!  He melts me!  

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Make it a great day, friends!!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

We had a pretty uneventful 4th, because it would not stop raining.  Like, ever.  At least we got to spend a lot of time with family, and most importantly, I had 4 straight days with my mini boo Max.  What could be better?! 
This was our cute little family on Max's first 4th of July.  No fireworks for us, thanks to the rain!  Almost all of Atlanta cancelled their shows, so hopefully we will find another one in the coming weeks so Max can experience it!

Here are all of the boy cousins under a year in our family.  From L-R, Asher 6.5mo, Judson 2wks, Max 6.5mo, Benjamin 3.5mo.  These four are going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E when they can walk and talk.  I cannot wait to watch them grow up together!  

Little man crossed the twenty-nine week threshold.  Where does time go?!  Oh, and he started eating puffs, which sometimes make him look like he has fake teeth in ;)

We spent a lot of time doing this; I love my little snuggles with my tiny guy!  Being his momma is my favorite thing in the whole world....I don't deserve it.  So blessed!

Max man also started sitting straight up over the weekend (for longer than 1 second!)!  No more lean, and our time up is increasing daily.  Yay!  Proud momma! 

And lastly, Max made this noise all weekend long, which pretty much sounds like he is trying to make a fart noise.  You could say he is obsessed with this sound!  All boy already, I suppose :)

That just about wraps up our weekend... Hope you all enjoyed some downtime with family and friends!

Make it a great day!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Happy Birthday to the greatest father a girl could hope for!  

A man who loves to travel and explore with his family.  Never afraid of a new adventure on the road or in everyday life.  Always looking ahead at the great things to come and reminding those around him that no matter what, God is in control.

A man who always held his kiddos tight, but knew when it was time to let go.   Wise beyond measure, he always has the right thing to say, even if you don't want to hear it... Digging into God's word, this man is filled with the knowledge only the Lord can bestow and uses it to better his life, and the lives of those around him. 

A man who loves his children and cares deeply for their well-being in life, even as adults.  Selflessly giving of his time and energy to care for his family, and always finding time to assist others in need, regardless of whether he knows them or not.    

And finally, a man who loves my mother with all of his heart, showing each of his children and their spouses what a real, healthy marriage should look like.  Loving her was one of the best thing he did for us, as it set us up to know how to love and care for others. 

Happy Birthday, Daddy!! 

No matter how old I get, I will always be your little girl, and will always look up to the man you are.  Thanks for being you!

Love you!!!


Monday, July 1, 2013


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Confessions of a Working Momma {2}

Remember my last confession where I talked about finding balance?  Yeah, neither do I.  Turns out this is a daily battle I will fight for the better part of, well, forever.  Or, more like that kid in the Sandlot... Forrrrrrrrr. Evvvvvvvvvv. Errrrrrrrrr.  Seriously. 

Balance is a tricky thing.  Just ask Nik Wallenda...  

No, I did not watch his walk because it would have given me a heart attack

I am super impressed with his ability to hop on a two-inch wire and trust in God and in his God-given talents to get him across a 1,400 foot canyon.  SERIOUSLY.  That is over 4 football fields. On. A. Wire.  

"It took every bit of me to stay focused that entire time..." Wallenda said.

What a reminder to all of us who are walking a "wire" of our own.  No wonder I am falling off, I am not using every bit of me to stay focused.  I allow myself to get distracted, or worse yet, to convince myself that I can't ever stay on in the first place.  Walking through life takes focus, and being a working momma requires a lot of it.  At the end of the day however, it's really not about working, it's not about laundry, it's not about grocery shopping {and being the perfect couponer}, and it's not about having a good baby.  At the end of the day, it's about staying focused on the One who made me and bringing glory to HIS name alone.  Whew, that is freeing to say.  It's not about ME.  It will be a lot easier to walk my wire knowing I have a huge safety net of grace around me.  I am going to make mistakes, my balance is going to be off some days, but if I receive God's grace I will get right back up on that wire and continue moving forward towards the finish line.  In the end of it the end of my wire here on Earth...I just want to know that I did everything I could to do everything I do for His glory. 

On that note, it's time to go flip some laundry; this working momma has a few loads to catch up on.

Make it a great day, friends!!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Month SIX!

Wearing size 2 diapers and wearing a variety of brands.  Our favorites are Pampers, Huggies and Target brand. 

You're a small guy... still wearing mostly 3 month clothing. We've had to put you in 6 month jammies now, but they are big on you.  You're just starting to squirm around when you're being changed, making it a good adventure to get dressed!

Weighing in at 13lbs event and 25in long, you're staying pretty small for your age.  The "official" percentiles given have changed a bit in the weight department since last month: 2% weight, 10% height and 75% head.

You've just starting eat foods and you LOVE it!  We started you on rice cereal last week and now you've tried (and loved!) peas.  It's so fun to watch you learn things, like how to eat and how things taste. I am making your baby food so far, and it's proving to be an easy and cheaper process than purchasing jars from the store.  Also, you are so interested in watching people eat around you.  You'll often study them putting the food in their mouth and sometimes even reach for it yourself.

You are doing a great job of sitting up when supported.  Dr. Royal continues to tell us you have "incredible tone" and you're strength is great... You're great at standing up either in our laps or against something you can hold onto.  We are so proud of how well you're growing, even if you are a tiny guy ;)

Toys that you can chew on....ok, pretty much ANYTHING you can put in your mouth.  Cuddles, grabbing mouths (you are fascinated!), playing peek-a-boo & bath love bath time!! 

Your tummy still does not like the milk protein that momma gives you, so you're still on a no-dairy diet {which really means momma is on a no-dairy diet!}. 

You had your first trip to urgent care on your 6month birthday.  Poor baby, you were so congested and choking on any mucus you coughed up.  Luckily we caught the sinus and ear infection early :)


Friday, June 14, 2013

High Five for Friday {2}

{1} Weekend in Savannah without the baby...hard to be away, so thankful for time together.
{2} Feasting on Paula Deen's finest while in Savannah.  Yummmm :)
{3} A hard-working husband who loves me so well
{4} Mimi lovin' from my boy.  He loves her as much as I do...she is amazing!
{5} SeƱor Max.  Doesn't get much cuter than a tike with a 'stache.  Man, I love being this boy's momma!

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Happy Friday friends!!