Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Very First Giveaway....WINNER!!

I had 22 entries for the Mwana blanket giveaway!  Thank you for taking time to see what Mwana is all about...don't forget to visit Brooke's ETSY shop to get a blanket of your very own (or one to share with a mom or baby in your life)! I know Brooke has been sewing up a storm so keep checking back for updated looks...

Now on to the winner....

Congratulations to Ashley at Hutson Happenings for winning your very own Mwana blanket :) 

I think it's safe to say I know how to reach you to give you your winnings....

Hope you all had a safe & blessed Thanksgiving!  I will be back tomorrow to share some of my holiday...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last Day To Enter!

Be sure to visit my giveaway by 5:00pm EST today!!  

 One lucky reader will have their very own Mwana blanket and give one to a child in need in Africa :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday [8]

Today is Thurday, which leads to Thankful Thursday

...but more importantly, today is one of my nephew's birthday so I am going to focus the theme of my list on my nieces and all know how I love themed lists!! The beauty of this list is that it reminds me that it's really the little things in life that matter!  To them I am Chrissi, Aunt Sis, Aunt Cwissi, Auntie Chrissi...many variations, all melt my heart.  Not being able to have kids of our own right now has given me an opportunity to shower these kids with lots of love and attention...God is so good :) 

Without further ado, here is what I am thankful for today:

[1] first off, the birthday boy...I am thankful for him poking me on Tuesday night and saying "Sis!" I love that he calls me by name now!!
[2] even though these kiddos are far away from me, I love having extended neices and nephews to love on through my other half...just look at those smiles!

[3] I am thankful for these three cuties...AJ, Jr and Natalie (the tiniest members of our wedding party) they are all seriously growing up too fast for their own good.  
[4, 5, 6] I am thankful for the new babies born this year, giving us (on my side) #7, #8 & #9!!
Charlotte "Charli" (April): 

Henry (May):

Westin (born this week!):

[7] Thankful for this little one who told his daddy he wanted to "play Barbies with Chrissi" this week!  I also want to make sure it's documented to show him later that he wanted to play Barbies with me ;) Colton is too sweet for words...and also quite hilarious!

[8] Little Tinsley, the only girl in the Hutson bunch...I am so thankful for your smile and thankful that you will give my sister a chance to paint someone's nails in that house ;) You make your momma (and us too!) so happy!

[9] Thankful for living near over half of the kiddos above so I can love on them often!! 

[10] Not a niece or nephew, but so thankful for both sets of parents who made such an impact on our lives and who have taught us all how to love so that we can share love with all of these kiddos and invest in their lives.  Blessed is an understatement! 

What are you thankful for? 

Don't forget to enter my Mwana Giveaway, and make it a great day!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Very First Giveaway!!

I am beyond thrilled to host my very first giveaway for something that is backed by so much meaning, love and generosity!  

Mwana | Share Warmth is a budding new company with a lot of giving power and I am certain we're going to see a huge impact because of it.  I am friends with the founder of Mwana and can personally attest to her heart for Africa and her love of God's children around the world!  Here is a little blurb from Brooke's ETSY Shop:

At Mwana, our vision is to make a difference for the children of Africa. A visit to the small village of Mgyawi in Malawi, Africa identified a specific need of its children—to receive shelter from the cold night. We are impassioned to help. You can too. For each Mwana blanket purchased, an additional blanket will be personally delivered to a child in need in Africa. Make a difference. Share Warmth.

So what's the giveaway?  A stunningly beautiful Mwana blanket, of course!  Each blanket is handcrafted from plush, 100% cotton designer fabric, and for the blanket you receive, another will be given to a child in Africa. 

Here's how to enter: 
  1. 'like' Mwana | Share Warmth on Facebook (come back here to tell me)
  2. add the Mwana | Share Warmth ETSY page to your favorites (come back here to tell me)
  3. blog about this giveaway (and send me the link)
  4. tweet about this giveaway (make sure to include @chrissig in your tweet!)
  5. become a Home Is Where The Heart Is follower (or let me know you're already one)

That gives each of you up to five chances to win :)
The winner will be selected one week from today: November 23 at 5:00pm EST

But wait, that's not all...from now until the giveaway closes on November 23 you'll receive 10% off of your Mwana purchases on ETSY by entering in the code: SHARE10. That's a whole week to load up on some great blankets for yourself or for Christmas gifts, and you'll be sharing warmth with those you love and around the world.  

Make it a great day friends! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hunger Games

Great book series which I am extremely hopeful will be a fabulous movie series as well....
Hunger Games

The first trailer that came out was such a tease and just involved a girl (Katniss) running through the woods.  Meaningful, yes, but lame none-the-less because I wanted more!  Luckily for me, a much longer and more wonderful trailer came out yesterday....

If you haven't, go check out the books.  I promise they will be easy reads and will not disappoint.  Keep in mind, however, these are not warm fuzzy books.  They have sweet storylines throughout, but not your typical feel good novel.  Just saying. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday [7]

I am off to run a half marathon this weekend and want to focus my thankful heart on my run!

[1] thankful for legs which work well most of the time and will carry me across the finish line
[2] thankful for friends and family who run with and support me
[3] thankful for asthma decreasing over the years and making something like this possible
[4] thankful for a beautiful city like Savannah for hosting a Rock & Roll Run!
[5] thankful for time off of work to enjoy my hubby and family down at the beach
[6] thankful for Asics ... best shoes for my running style!
[7] thankful for my sister Elizabeth who got me on this whole running kick in the first place!
[8] thankful for cute running outfits which make me feel cuter while I run
[9] thankful for Gu ... not my fave but oh-so needed by about mile 9
[10] lastly, I am thankful for this beautiful life, where I am able to do such things and travel freely to run where I please...

What are you thankful for today?  Go on over to Curious Georgi and link up!