Friday, January 25, 2008

So much going on...

There really is so much going on right now.......

HAPPY (belated by a day) ANNIVERSARY to Josh & Summer! I hope you two had a wonderful day's seems like just yesterday we were dancing the night away at your reception, and then listening to Dad tell us about your crazy driver....oh, the memories :)

I leave on Tuesday to go to Phoenix for the SUPER BOWL...should be fun fun fun! I am working out there all week, and will be home next Tuesday at 1:30 in the morning - whew! Programs like this are so get to go see a new place, meet tons of people, do some work & get paid!

Grandma & Grandaddy are now both recuperating at their house...Gma Flo had surgery on her mouth yesterday, and Gdaddy had his eye surgery last week. Luckily, mom was able to come up and has been staying at their house taking care of them both. It's nice to have mom less than 30 minutes away again!! AND Dad will be home today, so that will be nice as well. This weekend will be a full house again!

...speaking of homes....I have began the long process of looking for a house. I am just getting a feel for what is out there, what I like, where I like, etc. right now. If some serious buyers come look at mom & dad's house anytime soon, I will begin looking more in-depth.

OK, that is it for now...hope my three readers enjoyed this post...

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  1. Yeah, you finally updated. I got tired of reading the american idol blog over and over ;-) Have fun at the superbowl and don't work to hard! Maybe we can meet for lunch after you get back?


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