Thursday, April 8, 2010

2010 Final Four...Indy Style

...just got back from the Final Four in Indianapolis...what a week! Better yet, what a season...March Madness and Final Four are my biggest responsibilities for the year, so preparing for these takes over my life, and now that they are over I can have my life back. While I was there I got to meet some really neat people...most famous would have to be Mr. Scottie Pippen. Dang, is that man tall or what!? He was at an event our client sponsored, and when he was introduced to me, he looked down and said "how are you doing pretty little lady?" to which I replied "little is an understatement right now, you're huge!!" He got a good laugh and smiled for the picture. I love it when famous people actually interact with you. I was not star struck, but I was impressed. This was a fun moment...

Here are some of the US Paralympic Basketball Team members with the Bob Cousy Award winner Greivis Vasquez. What an outstanding kid (he is younger than me so I guess it's ok to say kid?!)
The next few pictures are from a clinic The Hartford hosted with the US Paralympians. This was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. 6 wheelchair athletes and 27 kids (a few adults too) as young as 5 who are in wheelchairs. I must have praised God 1,000 times that morning for the blessing of being able to walk. These folks don't let anything hold them back. What a great life lesson.....
(what an adorable 5 year old, Brayden...he stole everyone's heart that morning!!)
Our Friday welcome event features two familiar faces to the sports world, Dick Vitale & Jay Bilas...these guys were outstanding & entertaining to listen to. I still don't understand how anyone can know so much about so many athletes. It blows my mind (and also makes me wonder whether they know the latest gossip from People magazine like I do?)!

(this is me with the actual championship trophy that was awarded to Duke Monday night)

Now on to something very exciting that I have been waiting to post about....I found out a few weeks ago that I would be spending 45 days in the country of South Africa for the World Cup this summer. I am so excited to get to work such an exciting event & will certainly be using my blog to keep everyone updated on how things are going. Being away for 45 days will be tough, but I will put my big girl panties on & deal with is so exciting!!

That's all for now folks. Hope you're having a great week & your car isn't too yellow from that nasty pollen!


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  1. I'm not sure what you do but it sounds like you have a pretty cool job. I would love to go to South Africa! Glad you had fun in Indy. xo, Cristi


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