Monday, March 14, 2011

My Very First Tsunami Warning

The day was Friday, March 11.  The time was the morning.  I was awoken abruptly when my phone rang, flashing 'mom' on the screen. She knew I was on Pacific time, so calling this early must mean something is wrong. 

Mom: "Chrissi, where are you?  Are you ok?  What is going on?"
Me: "I'm laying in my bed.  I'm fine.  I was sleeping....what are you talking about?!"

Then I begin thinking 'oh my GOSH!  Was there an earthquake here?!  Did I really sleep through another earthquake?!"

Mom: "Your sister called and said they're evacuating California" in her defense, she was also awoken abruptly, so thinking the whole state was being evacuated was logical ;)
Me: "Hold on mom, let me turn the news on"....fumbled for the remote...."Mom, if they were evacuating someone would have knocked on my door, sounded an alarm, or something...."

I then turned the news on to see the devastation in Japan and was completely shocked.  Then I did start to panic a little....would there be an earthquake here?  Would there be some crazy tsunami come in?  I'm not from California, I have no clue how these things work! Needless to say, nothing major happened where I was in Cali, and I had one happy momma!

So what was the most logical thing to do the next morning?  Go for a run out to the Pacific Ocean, of course!  My boss told me about this great path that went through the hills and stopped right at the Pacific Ocean.  It was a GREAT way to start my Saturday, even if it was way too early & I had to get to the office right afterward.  Oh well, it was wonderful while it lasted!

Run 2

Run 1

So although I made light out of the fact that there was a tsunami warning, the devastation in Japan is no joke.  I can't even begin to imagine what the Japaneese people are going through. Boats, trains, people. Missing.  I pray I never have to go through something like that, but more importantly, I'm praying for the people of Japan.  Praying for safety, praying for comfort, praying for peace.  

PS, I totally have the best momma in the world, who cares so much for her children...even when they're all grown up!  Momma Mel, I sure do love you :)

Make it a great day, folks!


  1. hah, i love that story. that is SO our momma :) she does love us so!

    praying for everyone in Japan. it is so sad and so hard to believe that all of that is really happening.

  2. How sweet is your mom!! So cute!

    Looks gorgeous there.... I wish I could go running along the coast!

    It's sooo sad about Japan, that was just so crazy to me.


  3. Aww, how sweet of your momma to check on you! It's so sad what happened in Japan, but I'm glad the tsunami didn't make it all the way over here.

  4. My mom checks on me all the time. Good thing you are safe and sound!

    Thanks for stopping by LIVEJOYFUL :)

    Blesssings on the rest of your week!

  5. My mom would have called freaking too. And I know when M gets older I will likely call her over all sorts of things too. Momma love!


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