Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello, Chrissi, it's me, April

Holy smokes!  How is it already April 16?  I have been on the road so much I have barely had time to sleep, clean house, do laundry, etc...there has been no time for my blog... {tear}

Alas, here I sit and just need a break for a minute & would rather unwind by writing here than taking a nap, so here goes nothing....a few Miscellany Monday Musings....

{1} I am currently on trip 11 out of 13 (in 8 weeks), which means I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

{2} That light is even brighter knowing my last trip involves my mom & sisters in New York City!!  Woop! Woop!

{3}  I haven't seen last night's Mad Men because I couldn't keep my eyes open!  Can't wait to catch up on the DVR tomorrow when I get home!

{4} I thought I might have to use a barf bag today on my flight...for serious...I got a whiff of tomato juice at the same time we hit turbulence & just about lost my breakfast.  Lovely, I know ;)

{5} I reeeeally want to go see Titanic IMAX.

{6} Also want to watch Hunger Games again.  In the dollar theater, of course.

...and, that's about all...seriously...fried brain, anyone?!

Make it a great day friends!  Do something out of the ordinary and make someone smile, you never know who needs it!



  1. YAY you are back. NYC - how fun. I almost had to use one of those lovely bags on a flight a couple months back - not fun!!

  2. You are one busy lady! Hope you are taking some time to relax between all of those trips. Have fun in NYC with your mom and sisters!

  3. Oh you busy lady!!!!!! NYC?! That is awesome!!!! Cheers to almost being done! :)


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