Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Month SIX!

Wearing size 2 diapers and wearing a variety of brands.  Our favorites are Pampers, Huggies and Target brand. 

You're a small guy... still wearing mostly 3 month clothing. We've had to put you in 6 month jammies now, but they are big on you.  You're just starting to squirm around when you're being changed, making it a good adventure to get dressed!

Weighing in at 13lbs event and 25in long, you're staying pretty small for your age.  The "official" percentiles given have changed a bit in the weight department since last month: 2% weight, 10% height and 75% head.

You've just starting eat foods and you LOVE it!  We started you on rice cereal last week and now you've tried (and loved!) peas.  It's so fun to watch you learn things, like how to eat and how things taste. I am making your baby food so far, and it's proving to be an easy and cheaper process than purchasing jars from the store.  Also, you are so interested in watching people eat around you.  You'll often study them putting the food in their mouth and sometimes even reach for it yourself.

You are doing a great job of sitting up when supported.  Dr. Royal continues to tell us you have "incredible tone" and you're strength is great... You're great at standing up either in our laps or against something you can hold onto.  We are so proud of how well you're growing, even if you are a tiny guy ;)

Toys that you can chew on....ok, pretty much ANYTHING you can put in your mouth.  Cuddles, grabbing mouths (you are fascinated!), playing peek-a-boo & bath love bath time!! 

Your tummy still does not like the milk protein that momma gives you, so you're still on a no-dairy diet {which really means momma is on a no-dairy diet!}. 

You had your first trip to urgent care on your 6month birthday.  Poor baby, you were so congested and choking on any mucus you coughed up.  Luckily we caught the sinus and ear infection early :)


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  1. Just precious! Sorry to hear about the urgent care visit...hope he's feeling better!


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