Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday {3}


It's finally Friday! 

This last week has been total vacation hangover!  We were gone all last week with my family at St. Simons Island and now back to reality this week.  Bleh.  Can't we just live at the beach forever?  Alas, real world called and back we went.  At least I have beautiful pictures to look back on.... 
 {1} Our crazy, HUGE family!!  Only missing one brother-in-law.  Yes, that is all my siblings and their kiddos with our parents.  I love it!!

{2} My bug, he is so sweet.  How did I live before him?  He is my heart.  

{3} Boys and their boys.  This is one of my brothers, who had a son just 30 hours before Max was the same hospital!  How fun is that?!  These two are going to be good buddies, just like their daddy's.
{4} This man.  He is so patient, forgiving, kind, and funny.  We have been through a lot....still in a lot....and I look forward to growing old with him and raising a few more kiddos.  Also glad he loves the beach as much as I do, otherwise we'd be in trouble!

{5} I'm sorry...does it get much cuter?!  He melts me!  

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Make it a great day, friends!!



  1. Such a gorgeous shot of your family on the beach! Same with the one of you, your husband and cutie Max! :) Have a great weekend friend :)

  2. That beach fam picture is amazing! Wow! And your hubby on the beach...hellllo muscles!! So cute :)

  3. What beautiful pictures!!! I'm glad you guys had an awesome time at the beach, and it's so cool that Max has a cousin only 30 hours older than him!

  4. These are gorgeous photos! Your family is beautiful!

  5. Just found your blog through the hop. Your family is beautiful! We just got back from a family beach trip too and I had the beach blues all week last week! It's hard to get back in the swing of things for sure.



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