Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Bucket List & Remembering

Does anyone else L-O-V-E fall?  I love the colors, the food, the smells, the change in weather.  I just love fall!   Not too hot, not too cold; a great season!  Another thing I love...lists!  I love making lists and checking items off.  Except when I fail, but that is another story for another day.  The upcoming Fall holidays will be the first where Max will actually {kind of} enjoy...previous holidays he just slept right through!  Now he can scoot around a pumpkin patch and be mesmerized by the campfire {although not yet enjoying the best part, S'MORES!}.  I am so excited to share this fun season with our cutie!  So, combining my love for fall and my love for lists, I have decided we're going to have a fall bucket list this year!  It will be so much fun to cross these items off and enjoy the season as a family.  Any friends want to join us?

Lastly, on a far more serious note... I cried on the way in to work today listening to the news recaps from this day, 12 years ago.  What a tragedy.  I will never forget walking through the halls of our high school, in shock.  Sitting in my AP Gov class crying, not sure how to react to such evil.  Now 12 years later I still feel that shock, still hurt over such evil.  I will never forget how that day changed my life, and changed the country I live in.  I will also never forget the sacrifices made by many to keep us free and keep things like this from happening again.

 taken last year at the 9/11 memorial



  1. What a fun fall list! Looks a lot like mine, too! Here's hoping I can convince my family to take a little road trip up to North Georgia one weekend and take care of a good number of these things. I love the fall for those very reasons listed above! :-)

    Thank you for mentioning 9/11 today (you're the first I've seen to personally acknowledge it)...truly a day I will never forget. I also cried on the way to work this morning listening to all of the radio recaps and news clips from this day 12 years ago.

  2. Super fun fall list! I love the fall - it's still super hot here which I am ok with because before we know it where will be snow!
    Cannot believe 911 was 12 years ago. Wow.

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