Thursday, March 20, 2008

Believing the [seemingly] Impossible

"Is anything too hard for the LORD?"
Genesis 18:14

Beth Moore wrote a wonderful chapter in the book The Patriarchs on this very verse. What she wrote pertaining to this verse was so powerful:

"Do you ever feel too weary, worn and beaten up by life to believe God can do anything wonderful and miraculous with you? Can you stack up all sorts of rational reasons why you feel you are past God's being able to see you? I have noticed a pattern in my relationship with God. Many times when He told me through His word and prayer to believe Him for something very specific, over time the on the matter dwindled from good to slim to utterly impossible before He brought it to pass. Keith [her husband] and I are facing such a matter right now. In fact, this morning the situation seemed to hit the "impossible" category. While my stomach churned with concern, a smirk crossed my face as I thought, it might be prime time for the God show. He wants to make absolutely sure that we know He's the one who fufills divine promises. We will rarely be able to conclude that any God-given destiny simply followed a natural course of events."

"Is anything too hard for the LORD?"

Beth goes on to explain the Hebrew meaning for the word "too hard". "Pala" means 'to separate, distinguish; to be wonderful, do wonderful things; wonderous things, miracles'. Used primarily with God as the subject, denoting the fact that he does things which are beyond the bounds of human powers or expections...Wonders come in all sorts of ways, sometimes in the greater miracle that results when we don't get what we were so convinced we wanted and ended up with something far more glorious."

I came across this chapter in The Patriarchs and thought it was so perfectly timed to fall into my line of sight. I needed to read it and be reminded that NOTHING is impossible with God. He is The Almighty. He is ready to bestow blessings of all sorts upon us, even when it seems impossible, for we know that NOTHING is impossible with God, and when it seems we are missing out on something, often times its because something greater is on it's way to us.


  1. This is at such a perfect time. I needed to read this. Nothing is impossible with God's help. He will determine our destiny and knows what that is already. I praying that we will all continue to strive to be more like HIM. Praying for you.

  2. I needed this post! I love Beth Moore. And I am pretty sure I am going to buy that book so I can read this over and over. Thanks for all your prayers and support. Love yOu!!!


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