Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All for AJ!!!

***Side note, I uploaded pictures yesterday and finished/posted this today(4.3), on AJ's actual birthday :) ***

Happy 3rd Birthday AJ!

Today is my oldest nephew's third birthday! It seems like he was just born and so tiny you could hold him in just about one hand...but now he is growning up and such a fun little boy to be around! He is so special to our family and such a source of joy (and energy!) to everyone he meets!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday today AJ! Your "Aunt Cwissi" loves you very much!!!

Tiny baby AJ! Chubby little boy!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Waiting on his baby sister to be born...

He has grown up so fast!

Silly boy that I love so much!

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  1. Happy Birthday AJ!! Are yall going down this weekend?


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