Monday, May 19, 2008

Back home from Tennessee

Just got back from Tennessee last night and I am worn out...driving by yourself for hours can make you sleepy...before I start this blog I guess I should introduce you all to Gharry the gnome. As most of you know, most of my baseball trips are taken by just me, which leads to lots of boring pictures or no pictures at all. I decided to change things up a little bit and bring a friend...haha...Gharry the Gnome was purchased last week, and I have to say he is a good traveling buddy! I was nervous about getting him through security at the airport because he is a Garden Gnome and has a small stake coming out of his feet...minor details. Anywho, he made it through and went on his first Minor League Baseball excursion, and had some fun pit stops along the way....

I flew to Memphis Friday and got upgraded to first class. The whole time I am sitting there thinking "I wish I was on a longer flight so I could enjoy this a little more" Regardless, it was nice. Once I arrived in Memphis I went to go see the king himself - Elvis :) It was really neat to see Elvis' house. It's a little strange to walk through and see where he ate, plates he used, the piano he played hymns on the morning of his death, etc. The racquetball court is the most interesting place though, as it displays most of his platinum records. My camera battery died (go figure) so I found this picture online so you could see what I mean...He was quite an accomplished man!

I also walked through a room that housed well over 50 of Elvis' jumpsuits. It was so neat to look at the detail on all of them and how heavy they must have wonder he sweat so much when he performed!

Gharry & I enjoyed our visit to Graceland, and I am glad I can say I've been there....

In front of Graceland
Gaudy living room...right before my camera died

The rest of the weekend was driving and baseball. Not too much fun to right about...hopefully the rest of my trips will have something fun -like Graceland- so you will have something worth reading.

Thank you, thank you very much......


  1. I do enjoy hearing and reading about your travels! You have a great job! Give Gharry a ghug for me! Love you, Mom

  2. You are too funny!! What a hilarious idea! I love hearing of all your travels.

  3. You are too funny!! What a hilarious idea! I love hearing of all your travels.


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