Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Made it safe...

I'm in our offices in Larkspur California today, Thursday and's so much cooler here than hot-lanta! It's a nice little break...kind of. As most of you know, I am usually cold, so I love the heat!

My flight this morning was uneventful, which is always good, but my seemingly wonderful seat was anything but. I was literally the first seat on the plane, which meant you think you're getting lots of leg room, but really when that door shuts, you have about 6 feet for your right leg and about 6 inches for your left. Apparently Delta adds padding to their doors. What, to ensure our safety on a plane?! Safety, schmafety. That padding is probably part of the reason people have to pay to check a second bag now, and I was really bothersome. Thanks Delta!

OK, I am done with my little rant :)

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