Monday, June 2, 2008

Packing my bags...again

I am packing up not one, or two, but THREE suitcases for my next journey. Really I should say journeys. Wednesday morning I will be flying to San Francisco for a company meeting Thursday and fun activity (I think it will be making a custom bottle of wine, but I am not sure yet) Friday. Then, I will begin the oh-so-fun trek back to Atlanta, hoping on a plane at 10:45-ish in the evening and arriving just in time to see the sun rise in Atlanta. Once on the ground I will be kicking it into high gear to go pick up bag #2, take a shower, and head to Rome GA for my dear friend Staci's wedding weekend! All afternoon Saturday will be filled with wedding things like decorations and floral arrangements....her wedding is at noon on Sunday in Berry's Frost Chapel. Funny thing, Staci and Brent will have their reception at the same place Josh & Summer had theirs. That certainly was a fun shin-dig, and I know the one this Sunday will be too! The bad thing about Sunday is that I will be leaving Rome to return home & get ready to head out again Monday morning - thus the third suitcase.

San Diego will be my final destination and I am really excited about this trip! There I will be working on our US Open program with the same client I will be with for 19 days in Beijing. It will be nice to finally meet everyone and get to know them before I am trapped (Ok, maybe not trapped) at the Sheraton Great Wall with them for nearly three weeks. I will be running the Hospitality desk for both of these programs. For those of you curious, this means that I will make sure people have their spa appointments made, their event tickets picked up, they know where the nearest convenience store is, and they eat breakfast. Really, it's an all-inclusive information center for the guests, housed in the hospitality suite which will offer food and beverage nearly all day, with the exception of times we'll be gone for events. During the Beijing Games it will be open from 6am-1am...and in San Diego it will be close to that as well. Thank goodness I will not be alone!!

So, as all three of my readers can see, I am a very busy girl. I think I need to start taking some good vitamins to help keep my immune system strong with all of my sleepless nights and long flights...any suggestions? And what I am really concerned about - I hope my dog remembers who I am when I am home :)

Have a great week......

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