Saturday, July 3, 2010

I was finally able to take two half days off in the last week and was fortunate to go on two tours…one was in uniform and the other was UNIFORMLESS (which is amazing when you’ve spent the last 28 days in the same outfit).  My first trip is detailed down below because of the way the pictures uploaded....

My second little excursion was so much fun with my colleagues!  A group of about 6 of us were able to get one of our drivers to take us all up through the wine region so we could visit a winery or two and have some fun!  Back home my favorite South African wine is Spier, so I was thrilled that we were able to go there!  Their grounds are so neat and have a lot to offer…amazing local craft market, beautiful grounds, cheetah encounter & owl/eagle encounter area.  We had a blast walking around, seeing the animals, holding the eagles and (of course) tasting some wine J After Spier, we went to another winery (whose name I can’t spell) for lunch.  It was another beautiful day, we were able to enjoy lunch outside in the sunshine…

On my first tour I went out to see Cape Point and it was amazing!  What a beautiful part of the world!  I was with one of our MDEM (Match Day Experience Managers, which basically assist the guests on all tours and matches) Marney, and we had so much fun!  It’s a crazy walk up the hill to get to the lighthouse, but I wanted to walk it rather than ride the funicular (I hadn’t worked out in a while and needed to use my muscles) so we took the hike.  I had been told we might see some baboons when were there and I was so excited to see them when we walked back down, but the locals are right…these suckers are crazy!  I watched them take a sandwich right out of a lady’s hand and chase a man across the parking lot!  They basically think they own the space around there and get a lot of food from all of the tourists.  Needless to say, it was fun to see but made me a little nervous.  After we saw the lighthouse and the baboons we drove up the coast to the Breakers—a beach with thousands of penguins and other birds.  It was such a gorgeous day and it was wonderful to see the fluffy baby penguins with their mommas!  

Believe it or not, I have mostly been cooped up in the office, although this post doesn’t really indicate that. HA J

In other news, it’s only 13 days until I am en route to Atlanta.  Hard to believe so much time has passed!  The hardest part is yet to come in the next two weeks, but I have no doubt we’ll get through and make our client happy.  At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

That’s it for now…love from Cape Town!!


  1. it is so pretty there. someone recently told me that cape town is one of the most beautiful places on some sort of list thing!! miss you. loved the pic of the cheeta!!!

  2. Wow it looks beautiful!!! Im pretty sure id pee my pants if a baboon took a sandwich from my hand


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