Monday, July 12, 2010

i miss Saturdays.

It’s really hard to believe that I have been here for 42 days

This has been an unforgettable experience and I have learned so much about myself being here.  I have learned that I can eat pre-packaged sandwiches from a grocery store.  I have learned that grocery stores can be wonderful when housed inside of a department store.  I have learned that the vuvuzela is one of the worst inventions EVER.
  I have learned that I sincerely hate being micro-managed and find it is quite counter-productive to my work.  I have learned that having an intern and a team of staff to help you accomplish tasks can keep your to-do list very short.  I have learned that I enjoy eating sushi more than I thought. Multiple times a dayJ.  I have learned that whales swimming in the harbor right outside your hotel is, in fact, not the norm, which makes me even happier for having the chance to see them!

(I have a cute video of this but it won't upload...bummer)

I have learned that being away from a fiancé and your entire family for over 6 weeks really sucks.  I have learned that people in Africa have a horrible view on Americans.  We’re apparently very dumb and ignorant.  I have also learned that working with Africans for 6 weeks will allow them to see that Americans, in fact, can be well-educated, smart and kind people.  This, I am truly happy about.  I have learned that Spain has a Queen, and she is very kind and made my day by shaking my hand and allowing us to have a picture with her. 
I have learned that everyone has a story.  You think your story is the worst, and then you hear someone else’s and you’re reminded that life always throws us curve balls and it’s really how you react to them that makes the difference.  I have learned that scars mean survival, therefore scars are beautiful.  I have learned that soccer fans are insane.  Insane! 

 Most importantly though, I have not learned, but been very much reminded that I am blessed in ways I never thought imaginable.  I have a job I love and get to travel with, which I also love.  I have family to miss and a fiancé who supports me with everything he has and is and who is proud of the work I do (and also misses me like crazy when I am gone…which makes me feel very special).

Lastly, I have learned that Saturdays are in fact my favorite day of the week and I miss them oh-so-much!  Being on program and having guests arrive—go to a match—go on a tour—go home, then having more guests arrive—go to a match—go on a tour—go home, etc etc. can be a whole lot like Groundhogs Day (watch out for that step, it’s a doozy) and can really make you long for a normal Saturday morning!  A morning where I can sleep until I want, make coffee, watch The Soup and the Top 20 Countdown on VH1 (yes, I love them both), and just be.  Ahhhh **sigh**…these days will return soon…until then, I am going to soak up the remaining days here in the beautiful Mother City of Cape Town. 

See some of you very soon…

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