Friday, September 17, 2010

missed nine, but.....

so pretty and golden....
only EIGHT horrendously long days remain until I am Mrs. Lyons!

In other news, I started the Beth Moore Bible Study Ester. SO excited to see God move through these next nine weeks and through the relationships I have with the girls I will be studying alongside.  
I am ready to learn.  I always learn so much when I do BM studies.

Did I mention I was getting married next weekend?!  What?!  I can hardly wait for a number of reasons, but most importantly, I can't wait for the time when the minister who is marrying us says we're HUSBAND and WIFE.  I am like jump-out-of-my-skin excited about hearing that ... and the groom kissing the bride ;)

Ok, finally off to bed.  Need as much beauty sleep as I can get these days!

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