Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

My sweet friend Candra at The Curious Georgi has asked her blog friends to do a Thankful Thursday, and I am happily participating (you should too!)...sometimes I get so caught up in the chaos of life that I forget to stop and be thankful for my blessings.  God has been good to me, and He deserves some credit!

1. my husband, BL - my rock, my FAVORITE :) I love you boo!
2. marriage - a never-ending sleepover with my best friend
3. my BIG family - we're crazy, we're loud, and we're awesome ;) ...can't wait to see everyone Saturday night!
4. my friends - you are awesome women who always make life a little more sweet!
5. the book of Esther - powerful, insightful stuff here (thank you Beth Moore)!
6. children - no, not my own (yet...God willing), but I have many kiddos in my life that make me laugh/smile quite often! my nephew Jakson called me three times yesterday.  Ster said it's because he knows how to use her iPhone, I say it's because he loves Aunt Sis...duh.
7. life - I have been reminded one too many times in the last month that it's short, and I want to be more thankful for it with every passing day
8. jeggings - ok, this may be a stupid one, but I HEART JEGGINGS.  they are the best, and if you don't have some get some.  mine are from Ann Taylor Loft and they are (as BL says) the bomb dot com!
9.  the show Parenthood - my sweet hubster likes to pause the DVR and talk about how we would handle certain situations with kids/work/marriage.  as cheesy as it sounds, this show has sparked some of our best convos since saying "i do"
10. galoshes - it has rained a lot here this week & I am so thankful I had my trusty (hot pink) rain boots!  

Happy [thankful] Thursday everyone, hope you make it a great day!!


  1. thanks friend!

    i'm going to start using this "dot com" ha ha i often say OMG outloud and Charles laughs.

    i heart parenthood, it's the only show we watch these days. didn't you love when he said he'd take dance lessons with her? awwww

  2. Such great things to be thankful for!!! What Beth Moore study are you doing?? Have a wonderful Thursday friend! <333

  3. freaking LOVE jeggings. ps.

  4. OMG! Totally going to get some Ann Taylor Jeggings now-- they've been on my mind and you sold me!! Congrats on everything girl! Saw your wedding pics on facebook, SO SO SO SO beautiful!!! You look so happy!


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