Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guess Who?

I'm back!  
for a minute...

Back home, back to the routine, back to my seemingly normal schedule...

What a crazy few weeks this has been!  On both a person and professional front, I have been challenged and pushed to the edge; needless to say I am happy to be home :) 

Final Four was a blast and certainly a successful program with a happy client!  We stayed at The Houstonian Hotel and it was outstanding!  If you're in Houston and need a beautiful place to lay your head, this is your spot!  Staff was great and super helpful, rooms were wonderful, beds were cozy (if only I actually got to enjoy sleeping more hours here!) and guests have access to one of the top 5 fitness clubs in the US while you stay!

While in Houston I had a lot of great food, and by a lot, I mean A LOT including this lovely BBQ feast!
BBQ Feast
yes, that is half of a chicken on my plate!

One of the very best cupcakes I have ever had, in fact my mouth is watering just thinking about it.....
Crave 1


Crave 2

However, there was one food item I did not try, and although I love this food I can't think eating it in this fashion is really to my liking.  Maybe it was the price for something so simple or maybe the fact that MAYO was their topping of choice?  Either way, I did not shell out $5 for this.

Is this common where you live?
Corn in a cup

It was a really special treat to have seen both my parents and my husband while I was on program!  This made the trip so much better!

f4 2

BL in Houston

We arrived back home late Wednesday and headed out again Thursday for Bobby's aunt's wedding.  Stay tuned for pictures of that trip soon...

Make it a great day!


  1. You two are so pretty. It's just sick.

  2. Glad to hear that your event went well! And I was happy to see your post today :) Love your turquoise top in the picture :)

  3. I am extremely jealous of that Nutella cupcake! I need details!!

  4. After reading your about me, I must say I'm jealous. For a long, long time I thought I wanted to go into Sports Mkt. Looking forward to reading more.


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