Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Phone Dump

I've been meaning to do this for a while, and it's about time I pull the trigger...or just hit 'send' on the email to get these pics off my phone! 

This is my favorite little snout out the window!  Love me some Guster!! 

Although we were two weeks late, we did eat a slice of our wedding cake.  It was surprisingly yummy :) I love cake almost as much as my husband

BL says this to me all the time when I talk too fast or too much...haha!  I clipped it from a newspaper headline and now post it to see at work everyday :)

Not ashamed to admit that after every long run on the weekends, my first stop is Mickey D's for some tea...  Guilty pleasure well-earned after running 11 miles!! 
This weekend I was in Chicago for work, but made time to go stand 103 floors above ground at the (newly renamed) Willis Tower.  I was so brave, until I stood there for about 10 seconds, then become suddenly freaked!  

Obsessed with this new nail polish...the pic doesn't do it justice.  I am usually very brand loyal to OPI, but a good sale at Ulta brought me this baby.

On a side note, I've changed all of these photos with the iPhone app Instagram.  Love this app!  If you have an iPhone, make sure you download this :) Sorry if I am totally behind the times and you all already have this app!  I'm a brand new iPhone user, folks!

Make it a great day friends!


  1. OMG. That picture of the tower.....freaks me out. Omg. I cant look at that!!! You are so brave~! And that cake looks YUMMY! :)

  2. Our wedding cake after a year was yummy too! :) love the tower picture, so cool!! awesome on running 11 miles! i hope to get to that point some day!

  3. I miss Chicago SO MUCH!!! I felt so at home there. If we ever moved back to the midwest, Chicago would be it, not Michigan.

    And I am mad they changed the name of the Sears Tower. It will always be the Sears Tower to me. lol.

  4. Just looking at the picture from the top of Sears Tower freaks me out! I don't think I could stand on that good for you for doing so!

  5. I. love. your. blog.

    And I especially love the words/sentenced you cross out like how you love cake almost more than your husband - makes me smile!

    Seriously, 11 miles? I really wish I had the motivation to run like that. Even one mile makes me cringe - probably why I look the way I do :( Any suggestions on how to make myself love running/jogging - I'll take!

  6. I love when dogs stick their heads out the window, could they get any cuter and more carefree!!!

    The Willis tower looks so freaky!!! I was on top of the Rockefeller earlier this month and just looking down made my knees shaking, this looks insane!


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a very cute blog with your handsome husband and cute furbaby :)


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