Friday, January 20, 2012

Tales of TTC {part two}

Significance of the Second Line

Waiting is so. Dang. Hard.  Whether it’s waiting for a simple answer, a deadline, a friend, a vacation or even the world to change {thank you John Mayer}, waiting is tough.  

If you’ve ever been like me, and waiting for the second line to appear in a HPT {Home Pregnancy Test} window, you know how tough it is to wait and you know the significance of that darn second line! You sit & wait.  You watch the clock.  You count down the seconds.  Your heart drops as the 3 minute mark passes and you think to yourself “maybe they meant 5 minutes on the instructions!” …all to say that even 20 minutes later, there is no second line.  

One nasty thing I already knew about myself, I care way too much about schedules.  Changing my plans and/or schedule will wreak havoc in my life if I let it.  I sometimes think God just laughs at my feeble attempts to control the schedule of my life, all-the-while waiting on me to give it up!!

{can anyone feel me here?!}

This morning I was reflecting on the amazing things I’ve learned from the book of James through Beth Moore’s Mercy Triumphs, and I was brought back to this passage:

Pretty powerful stuff huh?  He keeps telling us that there’s something He’s not telling us…

{Hello?! Earth to Chrissi.} 

So right there is the significance of the second line…or lack thereof…no second line means that there is something I don’t know.  {gulp} Something God is planning.  An ever present reminder that I need to align myself with His schedule, not my own.  He alone is in control. 


  1. I love that last sentence, "This we can know, it's going to be perfect." It's so reassuring! <3

  2. I just love Beth Moore. I really needed to read that today. Our God is so good. I forget that too often than not. It's hard to wait on Him and His timing, but it always ends up being perfect.

    Have a lovely weekend friend <3

  3. Love that passage. :)
    It's to forget sometimes that it is all in his hands.

  4. Sending lots of love and big hugs!!

  5. I know how you feel, it's hard to wait, but you have to trust that God has a better plan than you and he's going to wait for that PERFECT time so you and BL are continuing to grow in your relationship with the Lord, which in turn will help you be AWESOME parents that reflect God's will! I have to continually tell myself that everyday, every hour it seems like!

  6. Great post. Totally know what you means. :( Waiting is the worst.


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