Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters {3}

Friday, oh Friday, how I love thee...

Photo bucket

Dear weatherman, you're exaggerating about this 108 degree weather coming tomorrow, right?! HOLY SMOKES....that is H-O-T-T kind of hot!  Dear sweet baby in my belly, I love you more than words could express.  I am so excited to meet you it's sick...December will be here soon enough, I guess, but I am really excited!! Dear pregnancy, thanks for going easy on me these last few weeks.  You're making going to and staying at work a whole lot easier, and that is oh-so appreciated!  PS, please stay this way ;) Dear Holly & Jim, I can't wait to celebrate your marriage tomorrow night!!  It will be beautiful and lovely and all other wonderful things.  I love weddings.  Dear BL, thanks for being a legend of a husband.  You treat me better than I deserve, especially on my moody, err CRAZY, days when I should be locked up.  You are my rock and I love you.  Dear 2:00pm,  get here faster...I need my weekend to start already....




  1. I miss your posts :) Glad to hear that you are feeling better....I think you should do a post with a picture of your baby belly :)

  2. Oh EM glad you found me. Your BLOG is adorable!!!!

    Love, Love, Love it!!! I am excited for December now too.

    And I wish my weekend started at 2pm.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Welcome back girl!! :)
    Glad your feeling better.

  4. Yay to feeling better!! :)

  5. Glad you are feeling better!

    Yes, I think you should do baby belly shoots and pregnancy updates :) At least once every month or so!

  6. haha doesn't seem when you're in a rush for the weekend the hours are SO slow?! ha found you via the link up and am excited to follow along xo


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