Monday, July 2, 2012

26 before 30

 Happy to report:  On our 'babymoon' I was able to cross off another item from the list...

11. Fly a kite

Some might say it's crazy that I have no childhood memories of trying to get a kite in the air (which is not as easy as it looks...) and then sending it up, up, and away. But alas, I can assure you I do not.  Perhaps it's because we never did it or perhaps just because I have not seen it on one of our home movies to jog my memory.  Either way, I wanted to fly a kite.  SUCCESSFULLY.  

On our trip to Oregon/Washington State, we decided it would be a perfect time to try.  We made our way to some tiny little grocery store and proceeded to argue discuss which type of kite was better.  My husband, who is a very wise man, told me we needed to spend the extra few dollars for a fancy better kite so we would have an easier time getting, and keeping, it in the air.  Did I say BL was wise?  He was very much right about this (either that or I am a seriously good kite flier), and we had a blast flying that thing on the beach!  What a fun memory to share with such a special man.  Can't wait to take our little one out to fly a {fancy} kite too! 

getting started!

not sure if you can tell....but....
that sucker was really high up there!   



  1. what a great little thing to check off the list! I'm inspired to do this!

  2. That is so awesome that you and BL went to fly kites on your guys are too cute! :)


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