Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Kicks!!

Holy. Macaroni.  Last night was a GOOD NIGHT :) 


I've read here, there and everywhere that ladies feel their babes at different stages.  "You always feel it earlier in your second (third, whatever) pregnancy because you know what it feels like."  Blah, Blah, Blah... 

Lucky for me, I have two sisters who educated me very well on what to feel for :) perks of having babies after them ;)

Last week I read an article that said if you lay or sit very still and wait for it, you may be able to feel it and know what it is.  Often times, women who are pregnant with their first don't stop and focus on the tiny rumble in their tummy, as it feels like it could be a gas bubble.

My dinner with my Grandma last night included more sugar than I usually take in at supper time but BOY was it yummy! which I was hoping would maybe hype this little one up a bit.  After we finished dinner and I headed home, I figured I should give this whole 'lay still and wait' a try.  Upon arriving home I jumped into my jammies and told BL he could find me "being very still on the sofa" while I watched the Bachelorette, and there I lay.  It was about 10 minutes after plopping laying down, I felt popcorn in my belly.  Just as my sisters had said "little tiny flutters, like a butterfly or some popping popcorn", I felt my baby!!  However, I wasn't 100% sold (remember, I am a first time feeler here) so I lay there and waited to see if I had to toot pass some gas.  No toots gas.  Then suddenly, more popcorn, in just about the same spot as before.  

This was really happening. 

Shockingly, tears ensued.  

I felt my baby :) 

What a great evening. 



  1. Niecy...I am so excited about following this journey that you and Bobby are on...even though I have great-grandkids, the thought of the family tree growing by one more limb is super exciting...Bless you both! (Remember, Dec. 2nd is my birthday)....I'm just sayin'!!!

  2. Ah this is awesome!! So glad you felt it! :) How exciting!

  3. That is awesome girl...so excited for you.


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