Friday, September 7, 2012

Follow me Friday

This is shameless, I'll gladly admit, but I want to know how to get more followers.  

What you can you seasoned bloggers with 100+ followers tell us small folks about getting a bigger audience?  Are you just that much cooler (which could totally be the case...)?  Do you participate in a ton of link up parties?  What is your secret?  I have been resting nicely with just over 90 followers for a while now and would love to kick it up a notch and pass that 100 mark but I don't know how! me :) 

 I mean, just look at how normal I am...wouldn't you want to follow me?  

Kidding, but seriously, I would love your helpful hints :)



  1. I've been stuck around 160 for a while and can't get moving from there. I know having lots of followers isn't the end of the world, but sometimes I'd like more. Now if I had more time to seek out and find new blogs to follow as well!

  2. I think it helps to comment lots on others blog cause then others see your comments and click on your ups might help but some are so huge!


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