Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Very Instgramed Life

I've mentioned it on here before that I take too many pictures with my phone and not nearly enough with an actual camera {can someone tell me what we did before cellphones with cameras?!}, and this past weekend was no different!  Hard to believe, but I turned the big 2-9 over the long weekend, and I did something to celebrate every. single. day.  Yay for me :) Sorry for my husband who had to watch me eat cake, cake and more cake.  Poor man. Don't be fooled, though, he enjoyed it too!    

Saturday we crossed something off of my 30 before 30 list {but I will post about that more later...}
We shared this special occation with great friends, great views and GREAT cupcakes!

My fabulous parents also made it out for the trek! great are these two?! Man, I am blessed :)

....and then Momma Mel photo-bombed us.  HA!

No birthday would be complete without two of my favorite things: MINI and HARIBO!!

Sunday we ate at one of my favorite local places, Seed Kitchen & Bar.  WooHoo, so yummy!! Thanks to Tan Tan and Mase for attending, Mase for going splity-splity with me on our two dinners and both of you for calling and having my name on my menu!  What a fun, special touch for a fabulous evening!  Again, so blessed...
do you see more CAKE?! I do :) This one was a peach crumb cake, and it was amazeballs!

And no weekend would be complete without a little spray paint!  Anyone who knows BL and me, knows we have a case of "clash of the styles" in our home.  Needless to say, my sweet husband lets me win most battles because he says I care about things more than he does (thank goodness!), which means his "treasures" are usually trashed by yours truly.  Poor man.  However, with the guidance of several sweet friends, I was going to give BL's beloved bronze rhino lamp a revamp and see if I still hate it.  Alas, my friends, I have a rhino I, too, can adore!  This gem will most certainly be used in little man's nursery :)  I don't think BL is crazy about the spray paint usage, but happier that Mr. Rhino will still live on in our hearts home.  
And there you have it.....a weekend documented just a few days late :) Hope you're making it a great week where you are! 



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  1. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a fabulous day. What is your name on instagram? I need to follow you! :)


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