Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photoshoot Surprise!

In case you missed it on my social media pages, we had a BIG announcement...

It still doesn't quite seem real that baby #2 is on the way!  We are excited about what is ahead and really look forward to seeing Max as a big brother!  

Some people have been asking about the story behind the video, so I thought I would answer those questions and give you a breakdown of the big surprise!  

Unlike with Max, we were not trying to get fact, we had said we would 'think' about baby #2 after Max turned one in mid-December.  However, when I went to bed one Friday night in early December, I thought to myself 'I am pregnant'.  I just felt it.  I didn't feel sick, I didn't feel sore, I just felt pregnant {yes, that feels just as odd to say as it is to read}.  Knowing I wouldn't be far along if I was, I decided to wait until Saturday morning to take a test because a morning test is more accurate in this stage {TMI for those no where near TTC}.  So Saturday morning, BL went off to work and I took the test...two lines formed a perfect cross on the screen.  Baby #2 was on the way. 

So many emotions ran through my head and I was having a hard time believing it was real.  I sat on our bed wondering how I would tell BL when he got home and then it hit me...use our photo shoot this afternoon.  This would be perfect!  Our photographer extraordinaire {and my adorable, sweet and beautiful cousin Lesley} could aid in my big reveal and it would be captured on camera to show this sweet baby someday...perfect!  So I made the phone call to Les and we started to craft the plans for the day. 

As we walked through the High Museum taking pictures I couldn't believe the bomb I was about to drop on my husband...he was blissfully unaware of what was yet to come! 

We finished up pictures inside and went outside to capture some different shots, and that was when Lesley did it....we posed in front of this huge white wall and all smiled at the camera.  
 Then Lesley said, "everyone look at the camera and say 'Chrissi's pregnant!'" To which BL obeyed and then looked at me and said "wait...really?"


      YES! Really! 

 Hooray!  Then he said "Max you're going to be a BIG BROTHER!"
{more excitment}
 ...and complete joy.
Baby #2, we are excited to meet you later this year......



  1. Such a sweet moment to capture on camera! Congratulations!!! -Kate Buckalew

  2. AHHHH! The best! Glad you shared the whole story!

  3. This is amazing!! Love it. Congrats!!!

  4. I love this!!! Congratulations! What a great way for you to surprise your husband!

  5. So adorable! Can't wait to watch your adorable family grow :) Congratulations friend!

  6. Congrats! I got goosebumps reading this! Having two so close in age will be so much fun!! Excited for your growing family!

  7. I love this so much! Congratulations!!

  8. Truly happy for you guys. Congrats Lyon family!

  9. Congratulations!!! How fun was this photo shoot?! Love that you captured that special moment on camera!

  10. Hey Chrissi! Just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know that you are missed! I know this comes at such a random time (almost a year and a half after your last post!), but I got to thinking about you today and how long it has been since I saw your name on my blogger feed. I would reach out to you personally but couldn't find your email address on your site, so I'm hoping this message will reach you. Sending well wishes to you and your family -- hope things are going great for you!!


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