Sunday, August 17, 2008


So on day two of my stay here our manager asked what our one "wish" event would be and mine was either swimming or gymnastics. Then about 4:00pm today, Cricket (my boss) said " hey Chrissi, I got you a ticket to gymnastics" I was so excited!!! They were 'A' tickets, which is usually good (so far I am three for three on seeing events in 'A' seats) so I was thrilled! We arrived late, (because I actually do have to work some too) but luckily didn't miss the ladies floor exercise. It was so much fun to be there and watch the best gymnasts compete, because this night was the final round. THANK YOU CRICKET :) I had a wonderful (!!) time. And then I walked around the Green and took some photos.

I was so excited to be there!!

I ran into my co-worker Joe who was there with one of our clients...

he liked my thumbs up idea...haha

the CUBE at night looks so cool!!

Our program starts in just two days...I can hardly wait! I won't be able to post so much then, but I am thinking about all of you from across the world!


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  1. Wow! How awesome. I would love to have seen that live. That is one of my favorites!!!


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