Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Time to catch up...

AHHH, it's been 5 weeks, according to my sister-in-law Summer. Sorry!! But thanks for letting me know Summer, now I have to update. So much has happened, so I will try to hit the high points. I purchased my first home in mid-July. And although I do not close until September 2, I am already planning the decorations of every room! Pictures below:

My sister got engaged! HOOORRAYY! Welcome to the family Josh, I am glad you're almost officially my brother-in-law!! And excellent job on her ring, she could not be happier! November 22, here we come!!

I leave on Sunday for China...holy moly!! I will be gone for 19 days total, and I will get to see and do some pretty neat things while I am away...I promise to be better about blogging while I am there, and adding pictures of Gharry and myself on our travels at the Olympics :)

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  1. Yeah!! Finally, you were getting to the bottom 3 of people who haven't updated. So excited about the house. I can't believe you leave on Sunday!!


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