Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Wow, is it New Years already?!?! I can't believe we will be ringing in 2010 in a mere two days. TWO days. Wow.

2009 was a major growth year for me. Sometimes you have to walk through the fire to see the beauty that comes out in the end. I am thankful that '09 brought me real love with an amazing man. The future may be unknown, but I am blessed to have someone who wants to travel through the unknown together. So...moving on to 2010. What will it bring? I know a few things I am resolving for the year, and I would like to share them. As Bobby says "be about it, don't just speak about it". Sharing my goals/resolutions will help me to be about it, and hopefully you will want to be about yours as well.

  1. save, save, save ... buying a house & filling it up with furniture is not cheap. time to build back up the savings account.
  2. love deeply ... everyone needs love, even those who seem unlovable. I hope in 2010 I swallow my pride more & am able to love those who need it most.
  3. give big ... it's not about money & it is not about us. I pray in 2010 I will find ways to serve others more.
  4. run a 1/2 marathon ... I stole this goal from my sis Elizabeth, but it's a goal we're running to complete together (pun intended), so I want to include it.
  5. play more ... watching my nephews & niece over Christmas made me think of this. whatever it is.....Wii, taking Gus to the park, going to Six Flags....doesn't matter, I just want to forget I am a 'grown up' all of the time & remember to have more fun and play in 2010!
  6. learn ... after I finished school I stopped being obligated to 'learn' because I wasn't getting a grade. in 2010 I want to soak up more knowledge.

Well, that's it for now. What are your resolutions? Will you be bold and share them so you can be about it as well? I think you should ;)


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