Wednesday, June 16, 2010

these are the memories & no girls allowed!

Ever since I arrived, I have wanted to see this sideways rain everyone spoke of.  I asked staff when I would see it, I was excited because it sounded so fun.  Who wouldn't like rain blowing 7 different ways at once?!  I thought I would like to see it [from the comfort of my lovely apartment here, or sitting at my little desk inside our office].  What I did not expect, or desire, was having my first experience be outside in 53 degree weather (which I was not dressed properly for), and accompanied by hail. I had no where to go.  Crowds were everywhere and I was at least 10 minutes from the office.  I was stuck.  

Funny, right?!  

I was laughing so hard it hurt with two of my local staff and one said "I love this, because this is where the memories are made!!"  He was right. I know I watched Italy in a draw that night but what I really remember is the moment I realized that I was in a hail storm with an umbrella that can't stand the wind coming from 7 different directions and I had no where to go.  

In other news, boys rule and girls drool.  Not really, but our local girls can't work Friday's game because they are worried about "hooligans" out of the England fans here in Cape Town.  First of all, I have heard the word hooligans more in the last three days than I have in my entire life.  Second of all, those Brits should be angry at their goalie, not the cute little girls holding the Visa signs for us. Sorry Green couldn't hold the ball.  Anyway, I know they are just taking precautions, but these security rules are really throwing a wrench in my scheduling!  Bring it on hooligans, I hope the hype is worth it.  (No, mom & grandma, I don't really want them to bring it on, I will be safe!)

Miss you all back home....hope you're enjoying the heat for me too ;)


  1. kick some hooligan ass.

  2. I sure miss you and your friend is right about what makes a's those silly little things! thanks for being careful!! I love you!


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