Thursday, August 26, 2010

tales from the world of conference calls

I feel like my common reason for missing anything is "I can't do ______ because I have a conference call".  The very close second would simply be "I can't do _____ because I have to get ready for a conference call".  

Sound familiar?  

Picking up the phone and dialing in to a line where you have to state your name after the beep (PS, I hate when there is a ROLL CALL involved where they actually play back everyone's 'name after the beep') and then wait for everyone to join so you can begin.  What drives me crazy is really fun is when you are waiting on someone who is late & you have to make small talk with others on the phone.  Do you know how many times a week I talk about the Braves or the weather in "hot-lanta" (as everyone outside of Atlanta says) while waiting on someone to join a call?!  It is certainly not the highlight of my day. 

Ok, ok, I am sure you're thinking that I am complaining a lot for someone who loves my job so much.  Truth is, I do love my job.  Honestly, I think it's one of the best in the world....but I still don't like conference calls.  I like my boss, I like my colleagues and I like my clients, I just do not like conference calls.  I am much more of a one-on-one call kind of gal, and someone who would just rather do the work and get stuff done than get everyone's feedback at once on a conference call line.  

Anyone relate?  

Well, I certainly don't want to end my post sounding like such a sourpuss.  On a very happy note, I will have a new last name in 30 days.  I was talking to Bobby yesterday about whether or not he will cry.  He played it cool, but I know this man.  There will be tears. 

Finally, I would like to share this adorable video with you...I could watch this daily (and judging from my above post, perhaps I should....)

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  1. your conference call talk made me laugh so hard. almost as hard as the video, lol. you're adorable.


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