Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday | #2

Who doesn't like to save money?! I know I sure do!  I thought it would be fun to bring you another installment of Thrifty Thursday and look forward to reading some feedback!

Today I'm talking about Groupon.  Unlike the last site I mentioned, you do have to purchase the Groupons, but trust me when I say you're still getting a great deal!  Groupon offers a great variety of food, fun activities and accommodations for customers to purchase at a deeply discounted rate.  When you sign up for the service, they send daily emails with coupons to purchase.  As long as enough friends are interested in purchasing the groupon (and by friends I mean folks in your area) then it will be available for purchase...what they call "collective buying power" (See how it works here)!

AND, my new to me favorite feature is on my BlackBerry with the Groupon App.  I get to see what is available right on my phone and make a purchase without having to log on to the computer...easy peasy :)

So head on over to Groupon and take a look around.  Again, go here to how it works and find out if they are in your area :)



  1. Oh I love Groupon! I get the email every morning!!! I didnt know they had an app for Blackberry's?! (Do you always feel left out with all the cool iPhone apps bc you have a Blackberry? I do... but I LOVE my BB :))

  2. LOVE Groupon!! I haven't bought anything from there, but I watch for something that will be worthwhile for us all the time!

  3. I've never used Groupon, but my husband has bought a few through Living Social. There is an app for that too on the i-phone and you don't have to print anything out either. Super easy!

  4. Groupon is the best! I've used Groupons multiple times and it's always been great. I'm still kicking myself for not buying 6 sessions of laser hair removal for $99.

  5. I'm a bit partial to livingsocial bc I work for them :)

    but a great deal is a great deal!


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