Thursday, January 6, 2011

new blog idea

While on my flight out to San Fran I was brainstorming some new blog ideas to add some variety to my life blog and here is what came to mind.....

I was challenged by a friend after walking down the aisle to never stop dating my husband.  I am embarrassed to admit, but we had been home from the honeymoon for over a month and had yet to go on a date.  Not one.  This had to change, but we were are on a tight budget and I had no clue how we could make a fun, non fast—food, weekly date possible.  Like many of you, I am quite cheap frugal, but I like to get nice things and go fun places; I just try to do it all on pennies (when possibleJ).   BL & I picked Tuesday nights as date night because a lot of restaurants have their best deals on Tuesday around our house (all you can eat tacos at Don Pablos, two-for-Tuesdays at Wild Wings, beer specials at our favorite Mexican hole-in-the-wall, $1 sushi at Fuki Hana….the list goes on).

So my new idea is to share my cheap ideas with you (not limited to just date ideas) and for you to share your money-saving tips with me, and other readers too!  My thought is that Thursday’s blogs will be “Thrifty Thursday”.

So what is today about, you ask?  I will start with sharing one of my favorite sites – scoutmob[dot]com.  This website is FREE and gives you half off at various restaurants in your area.  Currently they are in three major cities across the country—Atlanta, New York, San Francisco—and they are expanding quickly to more cities—LA, Nashville, Seattle, to name a few.  When you sign up they will send you a daily email with their ‘deal’.  If you like the deal you head to the site and simply enter your cell number and wait for the text to receive a coupon code.  Redeeming the ‘coupon’ is super easy—just tell the server you have the code on text and show them your phone—it is really that easy.  There is a maximum discount amount with each deal, but it is usually high enough to still take half off of a date-night bill.  

Is this awesome or what?!

Go check out their site out and see if there are deals in your city.  

I am not getting any kickback from Scout Mob, I am just an honestly happy customer and want to spread the word! 

One final thought—if you are married and not dating like we were, make dating your spouse a priority.  I am not very experienced but I do know it’s been helpful for us, and I hear it’s helpful in the long run as well!  You may not be able to swing weekly dates, but do what you can, and it will greatly pay off.  

Happy [cheap] Thursday folks—make it a great one! 


  1. Have you tried They are pretty awesome to. We have been able to get certificates at 80% which made the certificate cost like $2 or $3. The certificates are usually $25 off. There is a spending minimum on them that varies from restaurant to restuarant. However it makes it easy for us to go to very nice restaurants for just a tiny bit more than we would spend on fast food. I think the most we paid was $35 and our bill would normally have been around $85. That was for valentine's weekend.

  2. i love this idea! i wish scoutmob had deals in chatty. But we do use and it is awesome!

  3. LOVE Wild Wings 2forTuesdays and Fuji Hana $1 sushi!! We usually try to do Fuji Hana and were going every week for quite awhile. Definitely should double date one Tuesday!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this website. I will be sure to use it in the future! Have a great weekend!


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