Monday, May 23, 2011

Pure Joy

Henry 4

 excited big brother waiting for the little guy!

For some people, the thought of watching a baby make his debut into this world is scary, weird or gross.  For me, it was pure joy.  Before my little sister even became pregnant she asked her hubby if her mom & sisters could be in the room for her next delivery.  Luckily, my BFAM [brother from another mother ;) ] gave us the green light.  Needless to say when she became pregnant with baby #2 we were all excited to witness such a miracle. forward 7+ months....

New rule at the hospital is that the mom can only have three people in the room with her, including her husband.  This was a huge disappointment for the sisters because we were all excited to witness this miracle.  Ashley & I both told Elizabeth the same thing, 'either we both go or neither go'. We all said we would just pray that somehow, it would work. forward to this past Thursday....

Elizabeth and hubs are checking into the hospital and have to sign a form agreeing to the '3 person' rule.  She texts me and says we won't get to see, so I head to the hospital to sit with my daddy in the waiting room.  Upon arrival, my sisters tell me Elizabeth's nurse is a rule breaker rock star and she has agreed to let both Ashley and me stay in the room.


I was so excited to know that I was going to be able to see Henry born, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!   Elizabeth was a champ and pushed that baby out with a mere four pushes (Henry was ready to meet us!).  Watching my little sister bring life into this world will always be one of my most cherished memories.  I was so proud of her and also so in awe of our Creator.  Childbirth is a beautiful miracle.  

Ster, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an intimate moment for your family.  I will forever be grateful. 

And now let me introduce you to Henry Tate....what a cutie!

Henry 1

look at those wrinkles!! 

Henry 2
beautiful family of four!

Henry 3

proud Aunt Sis :)))


  1. Such an amazing experience that you got to share with your sister and new nephew. I love his middle name!

  2. How sweet!! Congrats on your new nephew!

  3. It's seriously the best, isn't it?!?! :)

  4. I would love to witness that!! I was so disappointed when my sister ended up having to have a c section, because I was so looking forward to watching her have the baby. Congratulations, and Henry Tate is gorgeous, as is the whole family!!

  5. Childbirth is THE reason why I want to be a nurse practitioner for women's health. Childbirth is the most amazing thing to witness, EVER! You girls are so blessed to be close to one another :) So many of us (including myself) would long to have the relationship that you all have with each other and your mom!

    Now, it's your turn to pop out a baby ;) Ha ha! He truly is gorgeous, congrats to your entire family!!!


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