Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So What! Wednesday

I'm new to the So What! Wednesday scene, but it's one of 'those' days and this just seems fitting....

SO WHAT if....
- I am really pale and super jealous of anyone with a hint of a tan or my beautiful chocolate brown skinned husband.

- I haven't gone for a real hard run in a while / feel like a sloth these days

- I can't stop playing Adele's '21' CD!  Having a CD on non-stop repeat makes me feel like I am 14 huddled up in my room with my first N'Sync CD!  PS, who buys CD's anymore?  This was my first in a long time!

- I'm using my new job as an excuse to buy new clothes (going from working at home to working in an office!).

- I'm wearing workout clothes to the lady doc (I always feel like I should dress up for this appointment so they don't think I am a slob...anyone with me?)!

Your turn ... link up!


  1. That's a great cd! Definitely worth listening to over and over :)

    A new job? That's exciting!

  2. LOVE Adele!!

    I always feel like I have to dress up and be freshly showered for the lady doctor too...

    A new job!? How exciting :) I use just about anything as an excuse for new clothes :P

  3. Oh I want to get the new Adele CD!! I love her and definitely understand the repeat!

  4. Girl...I feel like a sloth too... lets eat cupcakes and feel crappy together. <3

  5. I'm ridiculously pale too. Maybe pale is in this summer....

  6. I'm with Liz, I totally spruce myself up extra when I'm going to the lady doc. I usually try to find the cutest outfit possible, but recently (since I'm going once a month now with little Blake on the way) I don't always dress all the way up.

    So, do tell about the new job!? More/less travel? Better/worse hours? Excited for you!!!


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