Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So What! Wednesday

So What!
{1} ....if I'll be 2 years away from 30 in just 1 month.  30 is the new 18 right?!  I'll just keep telling myself that.

{2} ....if I can't stop thinking about the watermelon I have awaiting my return home this evening.  I. Love. Watermelon.

{3} ....if I am going to Vegas for my 1-year wedding anniversary.  I happen to think renewing your vows in front of Elvis would be not only memorable, but fun! Don't judge.

{4} ....if my hair is graying at a speed I can't keep up with.  Did I mention I am nearing 30?  Special thanks goes out to my body for reminding me of this daily! 

{5} ...if I think I am the favorite Aunt of all my nieces and nephews.  I don't have my own kids.  Sue me  ;)

Make it a great folks, and go link up with your So What! thoughts!


  1. I think getting your vows renewed by Elvis is genius. I love it. If I elope to Vegas, we should coordinate this so that I can witness this!

  2. :) great post. love you sista and YES your nieces and nephews love you! you are a wonderful aunt and will be an even more wonderful momma one day and your kiddos will love me :) you. have a great my phone won't turn on today :( booooooo

  3. Renewing vows in front of Elvis IS AMAZING! Love <3

  4. Vegas is awesome. we stayed at the venetian and it was AMAZING for the $170. we totally laid out by the pool and did a lot of nothing. saw The Beatles too. funtimes. We considered doing the Vegas Wedding thing for fun, but went to the Grand Canyon instead.


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