Friday, August 19, 2011 Pinterest or not to Pinterest

I *heart* Pinterest.  

Perhaps in an unhealthy way, in fact.  

The picture ideas, colors, decor, baby ideas, useful hints, recipes, name it.  Do you Pinterest?

A few weeks ago one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Sherry from Young House Love challenged her readers to actually make what they pinned on Pinterest.  What, you're not just supposed to drool over the pretties you find?! While I cannot show you the beautiful crafts or decor projects I have tackled thanks to my 'pins', I can share with you my most favorite recipe of the summer.  

I actually believe the recipe came from Pioneer Woman originally [don't all good recipes start with Pioneer Woman?!], but I linked over to the Craving Comfort blog to get the details.  I have to be honest - it's a little time consuming, but it is WORTH. EVERY. MINUTE.  Within both PW and CC, you will find another recipe for sweet cream, but I will go ahead and give you a delicious shortcut... Coffee Mate Natural Bliss - Sweet Cream.  This makes the iced coffee even better!  I promise if you invest a little bit of time making this over the weekend, you will be thanking me over the next few weeks as you savor your hard-earned yummy goodness :)



  1. I love Pinterest! I have seen this floating around on there and on blogs but I have yet to try doing it myself!

  2. i totally agree!! i love making my pinterest finds...and yes this iced coffee ROCKS!!

  3. I have looked an pinterest, but i should again, just so much good stuff out there!!

    oh, and you were right, I LOVED 'The Help'!!!



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