Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday phone dump...

FACT: I take 95% more pictures on my phone than I do on my camera. 

Below are some fun/funny/adorable/sweet pictures I've taken over the last few weeks.  None of them will be life changing, but all will help me remember some special moments.  

This Thanksgiving I ran my first 10K with BL... he was so encouraging and fun to run with, even if I did run at half the pace he would have liked! 

I like to call this one "guitar hero coma" ...

Little demon doggie... 
He is actually sweet as can be but the flash does something crazy to his eyes...

Black Friday.  My Daddy was the very first person in line at Home Depot...true story, he had an employee come open the door 45 minutes before they opened, took his list and was his personal shopper before the doors even opened.  When he walked in at 6:00am, his buggy sat there filled with every single thing on his list.  How about that for customer service?! 

Little baby Westin ... all mommy wants is a silent night. 

Look at these two cuties hamming it up for the White Christmas app on my phone: 

Ok, that is all for now.  Hope you're all having a super Friday!

PS--my work Christmas party is tonight & it's a 'tacky Christmas party'!  Can't wait to share pictures :)))


  1. WOAH. That is amazing customer service!! Love the pictures!!! <3

  2. Ha..I need to go Black Friday shopping with your Dad if that's how he rolls. :)

  3. Just found your blog and a new follower :) Great idea, I definitely need to participate in the Friday Phone Dump!

    Stop by my blog sometime and I hope you have a happy holidays!



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