Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ornament Swap!

I was feeling bold this year and participated in not one, but TWO swaps :) making up for lost time all the years I haven't join in!!

My real partner kind of went MIA so I was fortunate to have sweet Julie swap with me instead...and boy, am I glad she did!  Love, love, love the sweet ornament she sent my way!  You can read more about the swap and what I sent her way the meantime, check out this adorable ornament, and the adorable pup who can't resist a photo opp! 

Thanks again, Julie!!  XO


  1. Such a cute ornament! Plus the cute puppy doesn't hurt either ;)

  2. I'm so glad we got to swap with each other! Thank you again for my adorable tree! And thanks for participating in the swap! :)

  3. So cute!!! You are making me all kinds of jealous because I've never done any kind of swap and now I am dying, absolutely dying to.

  4. I linked up too! It was so fun...I love your ornament and I saw yours on Julie's blog! Nice work!


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