Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tales of TTC {part one}

...anyone know what that means? 

Trying To Conceive   
{let’s see just how many acronyms I can squeeze into one post, shall we?!}

…before you read any further, let me warn you that this may be is TMI, so feel free to close this window if you are going to judge me uninterested or disgusted…

If you’ve been reading Home is Where the Heart is for longer than three months you know a little bit of the journey we’ve been on this year {if not, take a look back to catch up}; this year has been ups and downs and everything in between.  Like many women, I was told this year that it will be difficult for me to become pregnant.  Not something a woman ever wants to hear.  I have been diagnosed with PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome {acronym count=three}.   PCOS causes a woman’s ovaries to develop small cysts which prevent mature eggs from being released, thus preventing a woman from becoming pregnant.  The picture below shows the difference in a healthy ovary and a PCOS ovary. 

PCOS also causes weight gain, acne and hair growth…loads of lovely things.  

I have been very fortunate with the weight gain and hair growth, but the acne was one of the first symptoms I suffered from—even before the lack of period.  In fact, this summer I didn’t even want to be in a bathing suit because my back was covered in acne!  Friends and family assured me it “wasn’t that bad”, but to me it was horrendous!  The dermatologist put me on some medication to ease symptoms but they never went away completely.  It was after almost two months sans period and multiple BFN, or big fat negative on a pregnancy test {acronym count=four}, that I realized I better go see another doctor.  A few blood tests, one sonogram and a trip to an endocrinologist later, I was diagnosed with PCOS and put on metformin to treat the symptoms.  Metformin decreases the symptoms by increasing the body's sensitivity to insulin and will sometimes cause the menstrual cycles to normalize.  Its one of the few main treatments for PCOS and the only one to use if you're TTC.  The others include birth control pills and another testosterone blocker, neither of which could obviously be used while TTC.
So where does this leave us? 

Needless to say, it currently leaves us without a baby…but also leaves us very hopeful because we have a diagnosis and a treatment plan.   I have been on Metformin for almost four months now and will continue to be on this medicine until we get a BFP, or Big Fat POSITIVE {fifth acronym…is this a record?!}!!! 

Do you know anyone who suffers from PCOS?  It can be a very confusing diagnosis because some people are a little fuzzy on the details…some people think you have to be obese or you have to have had irregular periods your entire adult life.  Truth is, PCOS, like many illnesses, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so to speak. Share your thoughts, ask questions...the best way to get answers is to ask the questions.  The main reason I even posted this is so others with PCOS may find it and know they are not alone!

...stay tuned for more...this is a marathon not a sprint!


  1. did you just go to the dr and they told you that you had this after missed periods? is it painful?

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this and I hope you get a BFP soon. The hubs and I aren't TTC yet but I am afraid that when we do something will happen. It's good though to talk about this so other girls can relate.

    Thanks for your honesty and acronyms girl :)

  3. i love you sister. i truly admire your attitude through all of this. like i always say, i HATE it for you. i love you!

  4. Girl I'm amazed by your transparency. You're an amazingly strong woman. You will be in my prayers.

  5. I am so sorry to hear this but know that you are in my prayer and our God is do much bigger than pcos! Love u!

  6. Hey Chrissi - I saw your blog through Summer's blog. I went to college with Josh and Summer. I was also diagnosed with PCOS and went on Metformin when we were trying to have our first. It took a while to be diagnosed because I really did not have any of the typical symptoms. After having our first, we didn't want to wait too long to try again since we had so much trouble the first time. And needless to say they are 22 months apart so the 2nd time went much easier. I am no longer on Metformin and things are going great. If you need someone to talk to feel free to email me. You may have already done this, but I also met with a nutritionist to help me alter my diet when on the metformin and that really helped. My doctor said that many people don't change their diet and that was one of the keys to success in TTC on metformin. Thinking of you, I know how frustrating this whole thing is, but just know the end result is so worth it!

  7. I am so sorry to hear this! Big hugs and lots of prayers coming from us!

  8. Oh Chrissi, thank you for being so honest and open with your experiences. Glad to know you have a treatment/diagnosis plan and there will be good news coming. I'll be thinking about you and keeping you in prayer. Love your hope and positivity :)

  9. I have PCOS, and the cause of mine is hyperthyroidism. I'm going see an endocrinologist tomorrow morning to start a treatment plan for that. Apparently, the thyroid has a lot to do with hormones associated with the menstrual cycle, and my condition is causing PCOS and me not to ovulate at all!

  10. I'm so honored to have you as my friend. You're transparency, honesty, humor, and KAA (Acronym #6 but I'll let you figure out what it means :-) ) are fantastic. Praying for you every single day and I know that one way or another, God will bless you with a beautiful baby to love and take care of!


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