Tuesday, January 31, 2012

there's a first time for everything!

Justin Bieber said it best.... Never say Never. 

Did I really just quote the Biebs on my blog?!  Did I really just give him a nickname?!

This weekend BL and I went skiing for the very first time in North Carolina and had a blast!  I am sore beyond belief and wish I could put my jacket on without wincing, but it was a great time!  

To summarize my adventure I would use one word: fall.  If there was an opportunity to fall, I took it.  

Getting off of the lift: FALL
Going too fast: FALL
Getting too close to other skiers: FALL
Arriving at the bottom of the slope: FALL

I would venture to say I landed on my rump a minimum of 75 times on Sunday...and that is a kind estimate :)  Regardless, I enjoyed the adventure with my sweets and his colleagues and hope to do more fun day trips when we can. 


  1. Sounds like you made the best of it even if you fell alot! My husband loves skiing but I'm not a big fan. Considering we live about 1 hour to the mountains, I should really take advantage of it!

  2. Hahahahaha awwww. What a fun adventure though, minus the falls! <3


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