Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday musings....and why I can't seem to focus

I can hear the words sweet whisperings of The Bangles singing "Manic Monday" in my head already...and it's not even 9:00am. 

I am not a fan of Mondays.  I do not like saying goodbye to the weekend and putting my "work hat" back on to face the reality that I will be staring into this computer screen for about 45 hours over the next 5 days.  I get lost in a sea of deadlines and meetings, conference calls and emails… and then I remember all of the people who would do anything for a job.  Not a job they love and have dreamt of since childhood.  Nope.  Just a job. 

{insert big ol’ humble pill I will now be choking on swallowing}

Pretty sure it’s time for an attitude adjustment.  Not only do I have a job, I like my job.  I enjoy being around my colleagues and feel blessed to be where I am, which then begs the question, why the unrest on a Monday morning?  

I think it’s pretty simple…I am not choosing happiness. 

I know I have shared this here before, but now is a perfect opportunity to share it again… When we were kids Dad would stand at the bus stop with us every morning and say a simple phrase.  We would moan and groan and mock him, but it stuck to each of us like glue:

Happiness is a choice.  Choose happiness.

There is so much in this life that we can’t control: Monday mornings, traffic, weather, other people’s attitudes… It is so easy to get lost in a sea of circumstances, most of which we can do nothing about.  I know, personally, it’s tough to face the day when all you want to do is stay in bed and cry or sleep or veg out on the sofa drinking red wine eating bonbons thinking about how tough you have it.  Life is tough sometimes, but in the end, we can choose to be happy or miserable. No one can make that choice for us.  

So today, I may be tired and already dreaming of the upcoming weekend, but I am happy right where I am, in hopes that my joy will be contagious with the good people around me.  I hope you’ll join me in choosing happiness today, and always.

“…the joy of the lord is my strength” – Nehemiah 8:10

Make it a great day, friends!


  1. Great post Chrissi! I sometimes forget that I am lucky to have the job that I do and it's really not that bad at all. Just need to remember that each Monday morning when I struggle to get out of bed :) Hope you have a great week! :)

  2. I couldn't agree more. I talked a little about that in my 2011 review. I feel like I missed out on a lot last year because I was in a funk and stressed and not living in the moment.

  3. I just asked Dad yesterday if he ever imagined the impact those 6 little words would have on his children! They made a difference then and they stiil do! love you!

  4. Chrissi, it's your brother. I usually don't reply to your blog Chrissi and for that I am sorry but I felt the need on this one. I tell AJ every single morning before he gets out of my car, or if I walk him in, before he steps a foot in his classroom to "Choose Happiness". It is something that he makes faces or mocks me about but I promise that later on this will stick with him as it has stuck with me.
    I have done some looking up on this before and found a few different quotes from people throughout time.
    - Marcus Aurelius "Life is what your thoughts make it."
    - Abraham Lincoln "A person will be just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
    I try to choose this every single morning.

  5. I need to choose happiness more too, especially at work

  6. That is such a great perspective to have! And something I need to do more in my life. I'm so happy for you that you have a job you've always dreamed of!


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