Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters {5}


Dear Friday, took you a while to get here, but I am oh-so-glad you've graced us with your presence.  Dear Max, your appetite is almost uncontrollable...I am pretty sure you might arrive into this world as a 10 pounder ;) On a serious note, I canNOT wait to see your handsome little face!  I have so many kisses to give you, sweet boy!  Dear Lesley, you're talent combined with sweet spirit is unlike any other.  I am blessed to know you.  Thank you for the shoot yesterday, I am eager to see the results :)  Dear sniffles, can you go away?  I hate feeling a cold coming on.  Oh, and take this sore throat with you when you go.  Dear follower who left me, sorry I bored you so much that you had to go.  Dear last few weeks of pregnancy, I look forward to being kind to you with donuts and cake.  Maybe some french fries too.  Dear John Legend, thanks for ruining my weekend with your tour cancellation.  Wish you had planned your schedule a little better so I could have a romantic night out with my husband, but I're a creative, musical genius with a beautiful voice.  I will wait until next year if I have to.  Dear lunch, get. in. my. belly.

Make it a great day friends!



  1. Why would anyone ever stop reading your blog? I won't, don't worry :) Hope your sniffles go away and that you have a great weekend!

  2. haha. The "follower who left me" part made me laugh. =) Just made myself a new follower, so there ya go. I filled her spot! (Unless someone else did before me. =)
    You're so pretty and I'm sure you're gonna have the most handsome little baby boy! I remember those pregnant get-in-my-bellay days very well! Food was my bestest friend.
    John Legend IS pretty awesome. I don't listen to him all that often, but when I do it's always great.
    I like your blog (love the header!) and look forward to getting to know you through your posts!
    (found you via Friday's Letters)

  3. thanks for the sweet comment! these are great, here's to donuts and fries!

  4. Hope you feel better!! Enjoy those last few weeks and fill that appetite!! Enjoy!
    Ps. The reader that left was no fun anyways. ;)


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