Monday, October 22, 2012

Homemade Taco Yumminess

This weekend I made a fantastic pantry stocking staple which I am very excited about!  In our home, we are often busting out a packet of taco seasoning to go with our ground turkey or ground beef for many different recipes: tacos, black bean soup, Mexican jambalaya, etc, etc.  Although I always purchased the 'low sodium' kind, I didn't stop to think about all of the fillers in that small little packet...until I found this on pinterest.  As the pinner said, it's "Simply Spices!"  The result, pre-shaking, was like a beautiful {edible} sand art, reminiscent of 3rd grade.  

I wanted more than one serving, so I made a whole jar full with the following: 
4 TBS chili powder
4 TBS ground cumin
4 TBS garlic powder
4 TBS onion powder
2 TBS crushed red pepper (although it called for less, we like it hot in our house, so I doubled it)

I also saved a few bucks on this by purchasing the spices at Aldi in larger containers, making the 2 whole jars cost just $5!  That is at least 20 servings (depending on how much you use each time) for less than $.25 each...a fraction of what those little packets would cost you.  I do love a good bargain ;)

Spice it up, friends, and make it a great day!


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  1. Visiting from fridays letters. love the taco spice idea! i hate fillers and love saving money! thanks!


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