Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Land of the Golden Gate

I arrived in San Francisco just a bit ago, and I am getting some work done from my friend/co-workers apartment while she is still at work. I will go into the office tomorrow, but when you sit on a plane all day, going straight to the office isn't always the best idea. I would feel the need to shower, and change, etc....anywho, I digressed. I am staying with Molly (pictured on the left next to me in the picture below) and she has an amazing apartment in the city. Don't believe me? Well, that picture above is from her roof. Yes, it's awesome! I will be here until Sunday when I move to a hotel closer to the office, and then in a hotel near the airport so I won't miss my early flight next Wednesday when I will sit once more on a long Delta flight across the country. Until then I will run by the water & under the bridge, eat too much food (CA food is yummmmy!), enjoy my work friends that I never get to see, and work. Work a lot. Did I mention working? I am ok with the working though, because even when I am stressed, I still love my job. That is what I am out here for, after all.
xoxo from SanFran

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